8 Exercises to Stay Fit While Working From Home

8 Exercises to Stay Fit While Working From Home

With most of us working from our homes and with the lockdown being extended, most of the companies are urging their employees for exercises to stay fit. When the disease started spreading in India, people were advised to start working out for at least half an hour daily. Doing any physical activity ensures that your body stays in good health and boosts your immune system.

Further, while staying at home, we tend to eat lots of comfort foods that include fried foods, snacks, lots of caffeine, and many other such calorific items. After consuming such energy-rich foods, we don’t even do anything to digest them properly. Because of lockdown, all the gyms and recreational areas are closed. This is why it becomes essential to work out while you are staying in your homes.

In this discussion, we are sharing some of the best exercises and yoga (poses and exercises) that you can do from your homes to make this lockdown better and healthier. We have mentioned exercises of different intensities to make the most useful for a wider audience.

Cross-fit Exercises to stay fit and for a full-body workout:

1. Filthy Fifty

This is a grueling cross-fit regime that is very tough. You are required to do it as fast as possible, and it might take you a long time to finally master it. It starts with 50 box jumps followed by 50 jumping pull-ups. Then you have to do 50 kettlebell swings and 50 walking lunges. Do 50 knees to elbows and 50 push presses. Do 50 back extensions and 50 wall ball shots.

Finally, do 50 burpees and 50 double unders. And, you will hardly have any strength left (just for laughs). Cross-fit exercises to stay fit require proper gym clothing for the best and easy movement. So, we advise buying some good-quality activewear from some online stores like Myvishal. You can also amplify your shopping experience with smart money-saving options like Vishal Mega Mart Coupons. 

This exercise is perfect for: Full-body workouts and people that go to the gym regularly

2. Starter Regime

Starter Regime


If you don’t have a sporty physique, you should start with an easy exercise routine. An effortless and starter combo of Cross-fit exercises has 5 burpees; 10 box jumps and 15 push-ups. If you want to make it a little bit harder to match your strength and stamina, you can add 20 squats and 25 lunges to the routine. Do 3 sets while making sure to complete one set as fast as you can.

This is perfect for: People that have medium body fat and people that exercise frequently.

3. Cross-fit for Killer Abs

Yes, you can have directed workout Cross-fit routines and this is one of them. This is a workout routine for killer abs and has 30 V-Ups; 60 bicycles; 30 weighted sit-ups; 60 flutter kicks; 30 toe touches; 60 mountain climbers and half a kilometer run. You have to do all these exercises to stay fit in ONE set. Make sure to have a bottle ready nearby, because you are going to be super thirsty.

Always Remember

Until you don’t exercise the big muscles of your body, you can never get the abs to show them. Hence, you have to focus on a big-muscle workout routine to attain better results.

You should take care while opting for hard Cross-fit routines. They might not be done on the very first day. It is suggested to first undergo some strength training with cardio for at least 1 month to make your body fit for the Cross-fit.

4. Yoga Poses and Exercises

Yoga Poses and Exercises

 Wrist and Finger Stretch

Our wrists and fingers work tirelessly while typing furiously on our laptops and desktops. Too much typing can lead to finger pain or stiffness in your palm, which when ignored, can become a bigger issue. Hence, you should allow your hands to relax while working or typing. The best yoga for your fingers is stretching. You have to lock your fingers (both hands) and let one hand’s palm face the ceiling while stretching your fingers and palms. Repeat the stretching for another hand. Do this for 30 seconds for each hand and repeat 3 or 4 times for both hands.

5. Side Stretches While Sitting

When you are seated for many hours, your back and spine become stiff. So, you must stretch your sides as well. The side-stretches work on the side muscles, and also helps in stretching the stiff back muscles. They also work on the torso muscles. For side-stretching, bring one hand over your head while your body stretches sideways. Align that hand with your ear and stretch as much as possible Do not over-stretch. This is also one of the best exercises to stay fit and healthy.

6. Planks with your table or desk

Another must-do yoga pose for desk-based workers is desk or table plank. Bend while keeping your hands on your table or desk that you use to work. Align at an acute angle with the table and make sure that it is comfortable. This plank pose stretches your entire body and relieves stiffness.

7. Sit and Stands with any chair

Take any sturdy chair and perform sit & stands with it. To do this, you have to hold your hands in front as you do while squatting. Try to stretch them outwards. Keep your back straight when you sit on the chair. Now stand up and repeat for 10 to 15 minutes depending on your ease. You can do 3 to 4 sets. This exercise is good for the lower back, hamstrings, and glutes.

8. Tadasana


This is one of the best exercises to stay fit, stand on your feet, and stretch your entire body by bringing your hands up in the air. You have to keep the palm open and stretch your fingers as much as possible. As you stretch your body, you have to stand on your toes and raise your heels as much as you can. Stay in the posture for at least 40 to 50 seconds. You can change the duration as per your ease as well.

So, dear readers, exercise daily and stay fit while you keep working from your homes!


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