6 Remarkable Benefits of Shikakai Fruit Powder for Hair Growth

Shikakai has been a traditional solution for hair problems for generations. The best shikakai fruit powder for hair growth is the one that comes without any add-on herbs and artificial chemicals what so ever. You have to mix it with various organic oils yourself to instantly condition and heal your scalp and hair. The benefits of such an bio-organic product will reduce hair fall, dandruff, dryness, greasiness and a lot of other things that are not usually resolved by a single product. When you buy shikakai fruit powder for hair, you treat the hair by strengthening its roots and pouring a new life into it. Read below to know how this product really works and follow the right method for application to get the best results.

6 remarkable reasons for you to buy shikakai fruit powder for hair?

  • Shine and softness: The essential nutrients and the natural ingredients in this product treat multiple hair conditions, thereby automatically bringing shine and softness to your hair. It improves the texture of your hair during winters, and protects it from harmful sun rays during summers.
  • Hair thickness: When you buy shikakai fruit powder for hair and apply it, you will see that the hair turns thick and voluminous. This powder is enriched with Biotin, an essential hair care vitamin, which takes care of the hair from the root to its tip. It also controls hair breakage,allowing the hair to grow in greater volume
  • No hair lice, No dandruff: Indus Valley best shikakai fruit powder for hair growth has antifungal and anti-microbial properties which play important role in preventing dandruff and lice. It also solves the issues of flaking by storing essential oils into the scalp and ultimately removes the dandruff causing dryness. If you buy shikakai fruit powder for hair, you are also relieved from constant itchiness due to bad hair conditioning.
  • Delayed hair greying: Buy shikakai fruit powder for hair to prevent premature greying as this powder slows down the hair greying process. It also helps in retaining the natural youthfulness—shine, gloss and bounce of your hair. It helps in retaining moisture inside the hair shafts, which also prevents the hair colour from fading away quickly.
  • Bio-organic and pure: As you know, organic products eliminate the usage of artificial chemicals that can be harmful for both your hair and skin. The best shikakai fruit powder for hair growth is free from additives and preservatives, which helps in improving hair health naturally. Containing only crushed fruit pods of shikakai, the powder is absolutely pure and enhances the shine of your hair without causing any side effects, while its medicinal properties protect the hair and scalp from infections.
  • The best bio-organic replacement for shampoos: The powder actively replaces all shampoos and cleans the hair equally effectively. Shikakai powder is extremely gentle on the hair and does not remove the natural oils from the scalp. Cleaning hair with shikakai leaves the hair super soft and naturally glossy which the ordinary shampoo can do only with artificial chemicals which come with their own side effects eventually damaging the hair.

How to apply the best shikakai fruit powder for hair growth?


  • Take 2 cups of water and add 2-3 tbsp of shikakai powder to make a semi-liquid paste.
  • Now add a little water and 1 tbsp honey to the paste.
  • Apply this paste on your hair and rinse it with water.
  • For best results apply the paste twice a week to get gorgeous and shiny hair.

For more recipes on hair care with bio-organic shikakai powder you can click here. When you buy shikakai fruit powder for hair, remember that you can mix this powder with any natural ingredient of your choice such as neem, reetha, lemon, turmeric, etc. and also create your own hair mask to get the results you want.

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