5 Tips to Find Mice and Rats in Home


Mice and Rats
Mice and Rats

Do you hear mice and rats rattling through the ceiling often? Are your wirings and other belongings often shredded to bits? Mice and rats are pretty stealthy creatures. These only wander around looking for food in the dark. Often, homeowners don’t actually see mice and rats until its too late. Mice and rat infestation can actually grow to outrageous numbers making it difficult to live among them.

So, how do you spot mice and rat infestation when you can’t actually see the mice and rats? Well, there are some pretty obvious signs. Not so obvious in some cases especially at the start of any mice or rat infestation. However, these sings will definitely help spotting mice and rats before they succeed in developing whole colonies inside your property.

Common Signs of Mice and Rat Infestation

Hearing Strange Random Noises

Mice and rats are rodents that are programmed to move about in the dark. Even if you cannot see mice and rats, their short duration random noises can still be heard. Especially in winter when there are no fans blowing, mice and rat noises can be heard easily.

Typically, these noises would come from within walls, ceilings, attics and basements. These being common mice and rat infestation spots for different properties. There might also be very low sounds of mice clicking their teeth whilst chewing on foods or other materials.

Any random noises, especially short duration and high paced ones are probably caused by mice and rats. However, these noises caused by rodents shouldn’t be too loud as well. Consult with your local pest control services providers and plan a mice and rat removal visit if needed.

Gnawing Marks All Around

Rodents are known for their chewing ability for all parts of any property. From underground wiring to drain pipes, they can chew on many things. Mice and rats can cause serious property damage. They would dig around in many places to find food and water.

Wiring behind walls is also not safe from mice and rats. This can not only increase fire risks for any property but also cause major financial damages. Mice and rat infestation therefor are never a good sign for any property. Look for these gnaw marks at different parts of your property.

Look for under sink area especially. Attics that don’t get visited often will also be mice and rat infestation hotspots. If you see small teeth gnaw marks, it should be almost certain that they are caused by mice and rats. Be sure to look for rat removal and mice removal services if this is the case.

Dark Greasy Tracks and Rub Marks

Since mice and rats often find food in waste areas, they easily pickup rotten food oils and other floor greases. If you have light colored flooring, their greasy tracks and rub marks will be easy to spot. These marks and tracks would often be near walls and randomly breaking into the open.

When mice and rats move about in the dark, they follow walls and corners staying in the dark. This is also a very effective way to spot mice and rat infestation in any property. If you see these marks and tracks appearing on their own every morning, rodent infestation is surely a concern.

Keep an eye out for these marks. Also, follow these tracks on both ends to find possible rodent nesting places. Connect these with the strange noises and you might find actual mice and rat infestation places in your property. Have them removed by experts to get full pest proofing.

Mice and Rat Nests

Rodents often nest in dark, secluded areas of the property. This makes it easy for them to grow their population un-disturbed. Shredded papers, packaging materials, cotton, wall insulations and/or fabrics can be indicators of mice and rat nests. These are used by rodents to cozy up and soften cold floorings.

Mice and rat infestation in any property should have nests in different places. Bigger the number of mice or rats, more nests you should be able to find. Also, finding one nest probably isn’t the end of story for any rodent infestation.

When mice and rats occupy your property, they grown to uncontained populations. Things can get out of hand pretty quickly. Colder places like Canada support rodent populations even more. Look for quality pest control Vancouver or any other local services and get control on things quickly.

An Actual Mice or Rat

Of course, the biggest sign of mice and rat infestation is to see one in person. Don’t wait for this to happen though. No one appreciates seeing a dirty, greasy and slimy rodent at any time. Especially, if you see a dead one, chances are the excruciating smell would’ve drive you crazy already.

However, the first spotting of an actual mouse or rat should alarm about rodent infestation. If there is one, there is probably a whole mice or rat infestation going on. Pay attention to what color or size your spotted mouse or rat is. This can provide important insight.

How to Remove Mice and Rats infestation?

Communicate this information with your local pest control ABBOTSFORD or any other service provider where you live. They would be able to plan and execute the particular mice or rat removal techniques much better. Stop mice and rat infestation before it becomes a bigger problem. It can become serious quickly.


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