5 Important Questions to Ask Yourself While Shopping for Prom Dresses

As much fun as it seems, shopping for prom dresses can also be quite stressful. Even if you have a vision of the perfect attire, it can certainly seem overwhelming while having to choose from a ton of options. Now, prom night is supposed to be a significant event in every young girls’ life that she wants to cherish forever. Therefore, the pressure is even more to find an ideal dress. 

Shopping for Prom Dresses

Shopping for Prom Dresses

While trying to shopping for prom dresses, there are a lot of thoughts that may pop up. Out of all of them, these are the questions that you must ask yourself to make the process a lot less tedious and a lot more fun.

  • Long or Short?

Ideally, prom dresses are long and flowy. However, fashion trends are evolving every day which is modifying the traditions. If you want to try an exciting alternative, go for short prom dresses. In addition to being cute and flirty, they are sexy and comfortable. This works perfectly especially for girls who are planning to dance away their night and don’t want to manage a huge train all evening. Short prom outfits can also be dramatic and gorgeous. Just pick something with a lot of details and bling. 

  • Fitted or Flaring?

Once again, it’s a tiff between classic and trendy. Tradition says that shopping for prom dresses is supposed to have a flaring and voluminous skirt such as a ball gown. But over the years, fitted gowns have really made an impression on us. They define our curves, give us a flattering appeal and also make us look sexy. There are a lot of options available such as mermaid, sheath or trumpet dresses. Each style does justice to your flawless curves in a unique way. 

  • Read or Not?

We all know that prom screams red as it is a romantic colour that can capture the romantic vibe of this evening. However, that doesn’t mean you cannot try other shades. If you don’t want to deviate from the tradition completely, try in-between colours such as champagne pink, periwinkle red, ruby red and so on. Some really unconventional colours for a prom night are pitch black, navy black or noir, but if you are confident about pulling off a bold goth look, go for it. 

  • Sexy or Modest?

Most girls want to look sexy for their prom dance these days but there are some who want to keep the vintage classic alive. While shopping for prom dresses, for all the ladies who want sexy attire, choose a fitted gown or mini dress with a bold neckline such as plunging-V or illusion. However, a modest look will be perfect with a bateau or a high neck. While ball gowns are usually considered modest and classic, pairing them with a sexy neckline can give you the best of both.

  • What Fabric to Choose while shopping for prom dresses?

Fabric to Choose while shopping for prom dresses

The answer to this question entirely depends on the type of weather. Prom dances usually take place during February end or March, which is suggestive of the spring season, neither too hot nor too cold. Sophisticated and elegant, these are the fabrics that you must go for to stay comfortable throughout the evening:

  • Charmeuse 
  • Crepe 
  • Organza

These are not too heavy and easily manageable. 

These are the most essential questions, the answers to which will help you while shopping for prom dresses. Think deeply before you make a choice. 

Happy shopping!

Askari Siddiqui

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