5 Google Ranking Factors You Should Know About


Google Ranking Factors

Let’s talk about some important Google ranking factors you need to know about in 2021.

If you don’t already know how important SEO ranking is for your business, then you’re already missing out. 53% of all traffic on the internet comes from organic searches, and your competition will be taking that from you if you don’t get on board.

You want to show up as high as possible in the Google search results, so knowing which factors put you in is critical. Luckily, we can make that easy for you.

Different Types of Google Ranking Factors

Google’s ranking factors change all the time, and it’s frustrating to keep up with it, but also extremely necessary. The 2021 Google ranking factors can be broken into 3 categories.

  • Off-page factors are being measured by Google, just not on your site. This is mostly from backlinks.
  • On-page factors are measured on your web page, mostly from your keywords and informational quality.
  • Technical factors have to do with the performance of the website as a whole, as opposed to the one specific page.

These are all important to know, as they all relate directly to how your page is ultimately going to rank. There are different niches for every industry, too. If you’re looking at website ranking for your law services, you need to know about law firm SEO.



Backlinks are links given from other websites to your website. These are the google ranking factors and are critical because they build the foundation for Google’s ranking. Way more people link to The Wall Street Journal than they do to your neighbor’s blog about his two puppies. This gives the WSJ a much bigger foundation for Google’s algorithm every time they post.

If you try some affiliate marketing and pay people to backlink to your site, or make a mutual arrangement, it will help you rank higher.

Internal Linking

These rankings work by checking out all the data on your page, and that includes your links. The more organized your internal linking system is, the easier the algorithm, and your users, will be able to pick it up.

Mobile Usability

Google has a testing tool for this, known as Google’s mobile-friendly test, and it is also one of the best google ranking factors and can make or break your ranking. Over 56% of web traffic is now on mobile devices, so take this into serious consideration for your entire site.

User Experience

Google has announced in the past pages with highly intrusive ads or disruptive content may not rank as highly as similar content with a more user-friendly experience. Make sure content is as easy-to-read, well-organized, informative content with a few intrusive ads as possible. That will go a long way.



HTTPS means that the site is encrypted, protecting user data. Chrome will even give users a warning for sites that use HTTP, letting them know they are entering an unsecured site. It is a lightweight ranking factor, but it is an easy fix!

Build Your Traffic

Now that you know some of the Google ranking factors for today, get to work optimizing your pages so you can get the most traffic! Stay up to date on our latest tech information, and keep that organic traffic flowing!


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