4 Top Tips For Kitchen Renovation

4 Top Tips For Kitchen Renovation

The kitchen is one of the most important spaces in any home. It tends to be one of the most used rooms in the house, from morning snacks at breakfast to entertaining guests or cooking family meals in the evening. Your kitchen should be both a stylish place to be in and a functional working area. If your kitchen is showing signs of age and needs a revamp or complete renovation, there are some key factors to consider that will allow you to create your perfect space. Here are just four of the top tips that will allow you to renovate your kitchen and transform it into the centre point of your home.

Should I Go Bespoke?

A prime consideration that should be decided at the outset of any kitchen renovation plans is whether to choose ready-made, off the shelf kitchen units or to opt for bespoke designs. Whilst ready-made units can be cheaper if you are on a tight budget, bespoke kitchen units allow you to fully realize your design aspirations and are perfect if your kitchen has unusual layouts. If you decide on bespoke units, look for specialists in the field of bespoke kitchen design such as nonpareilsolutions.co.uk. Companies that offer bespoke designs will have expertise in the field of designing, building and fitting of bespoke kitchens, and will be able to work with you to help you realize your dream kitchen.

Decide On Lighting

The kitchen is one of the most important rooms to get the lighting absolutely right for your needs and the space itself. As you will be preparing food and cooking, you need to make sure that these areas are well lit to ensure that safety and hygiene are prime considerations. These areas will require task lighting whereas the areas of your kitchen where you will sit down to eat or entertain guests will benefit from more ambient, softer lighting. For more tips on ideal lighting solutions for your new kitchen, look here.

Do You Need An Island? 

Kitchen islands have surged in popularity over the last decade. They offer both functionality and eye-catching designs and can be used for distinctive design ideas. If your kitchen space is on the small side, an island can be used as a seating area for meals and saves space without the need for additional tables. Conversely, if cooking is a true passion and you like to entertain guests with dinner parties, the kitchen island can be the location for cooking appliances so guests can get an unrestricted view of your culinary creations taking shape.

Make Kitchen Safety A Prime Factor

It is imperative to design a kitchen with safety in mind, especially if you have a young family. The storage of knives and kitchen cleaning products should be out of reach for small hands, and appliances should be away from main walking areas if you have young children to minimize the risk of knocking over hot pans. Consider having locking drawers if you have a young family and opt for nonbiological, natural cleaning products where possible as these tend to be less toxic.


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