4 Gift Ideas for a Friend Who’s New to London

4 Gift Ideas for a Friend Who's New to London

Welcome to London, one of the best cities in the world. It’s also an entertainment hub, and a single trip can leave you hungry for more. This comes as no surprise to many Londoners as the city is always worth coming back to. If you have a friend who’s ready to make a move to London, it’s worth surprising them with a fun gift to help make their transition easier. If you’re unsure where to start, the below ideas will help.

  • Personalized London Souvenir

Nothing beats a classic souvenir, especially when it fully embodies London and what the city stands for. No doubt, the royal family is at the top of the list of souvenir choices, but there is more to London than the royal family. You can bring things up a notch by giving your friend a more personalized gift, especially if they like the finer things in life. For example, you can opt for a fancy British tea set paired with some Darjeeling or Earl Grey tea.

  • An Oyster Card

Traveling within London using a paper ticket can be more frustrating than exciting, so an Oyster card will be perfect for a friend who’s new to the city. The great thing about oyster cards is that they’re flexible. They work like a travel card or any other contactless payment method, which means your friend can move freely across all zones for a set time.

Your friend, being new, might also want to visit a good number of boroughs during their time in London. Some well-known ones include Nottinghill, Chelsea, and Camden Town. There’s also Brixton, which is in South London. Brixton’s streets are eclectic and full of independent shops. You’ll find some Brixton bespoke jewellery shops that offer necklaces and bracelets adorned with special stones in various colors, shapes, and textures.

  • A Brolly

When visiting London, many people forget one extremely important piece of information; it rains a lot in England. No matter the season, you’ll likely experience some amount of rainfall, hence why every Londoner ensures they never leave home without a micro umbrella (popularly known as a Tiny Boy).

If you can, give your friend two micro umbrellas in case they destroy the first on their first trip out in the wind and rain. Also, opt for those brollies that come with handy little covers to make moving around easier.

  • Moleskin Journal

If your friend is creative, the Moleskin journal is a great gift idea to help them record their travels and memories. Thanks to Ernest Hemingway and many London-based travel writers, these journals have become a staple in the city, with newer designs featuring spaces for photos and keepsakes from places visited.

You can have them personalized with your friend’s name or initials; they’re sure to love it.

When moving to London, you can never have enough London-themed items. From the Cambridge satchel to an underground sign and even English-made recipe books, there’s so much to explore through gift-giving before they arrive in the best city in the world.


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