Knowledge of 4 different types of Fertilizers



different types of FertilizersFertilizers are man-made substances that are either inorganic substances or organic compounds in nature. Different types of fertilizers provide all the required and appropriate nutrients to the plants. Fertilizers are procured through chemicals that provide phosphorus, potassium, and nitrogen to the plants which are very vital for their growth process.

In brief, fertilizers supply NPK to the plants. Fertilizers not only help the vegetables in their growth process but also ensure that they are healthy to eat. Several fertilizers manufacturers in India provide all the necessary fertilizers required for plantations.

A complete fertilizer is considered only when it has all the essential components discussed above i.e. NPK. Also, in scenarios where farming is done on a large scale, where cultivation on a large acre of land is done, in such expensive techniques of cultivation, fertilizers are used so that the land produces a large and fresh yield. The capacity of nutrients in fertilizers is much more than manure.

Different Types of Fertilizers

After understanding about importance and role of fertilizers, Let us understand the different types of fertilizers –

1. Nitrogenous Fertilizers

Nitrogenous Fertilizers

These fertilizers supply nitrogen to the plants and trees. For instance, Urea is a fertilizer rich in nitrogen. Ammonium Sulphate, Sodium Nitrate, Ammonium Nitrate, Calcium ammonium nitrate, are different examples of nitrogenous fertilizers. These fertilizers do not add humus to the soil.

2. Phosphatic fertilizers

The fertilizers that provide the first forest to the plants are known as phosphatic fertilizers. Examples of Phosphatic fertilizers are Single superphosphate, Triple superphosphate, and dicalcium phosphate. It helps the plants to acquire the energy more and store it for a longer period than other different types of fertilizers. It improves the formation of the flowers, strengthens the growth of roots, builds enzymes and nucleic acid, and brings out uniformity in the crop pattern.

3. Potassic Fertilizers

The fertilizers that are used to inculcate the potassium values in the plants are known as potassic fertilizers. Potassium sulfate, potassium chloride, and potassium Nitra are fertilizers that are rich in potassium. It ensures that the plant gets mature by improving its growth and health which ultimately gives out better final output.

3. Complex fertilizers

Complex fertilizers

When a fertilizer contains two or more two values of nutrients, it is considered to be complex nutrients. Urea ammonium phosphate, Nitro phosphate, Ammonium phosphate are examples of complex fertilizers. It focuses on nutrient’s even distribution on the ground through which poor quality of the land is improved.

After having a look at the different types of fertilizers available in the market, the cultivation should be done by keeping in mind the basic aspects of fertilizers. Organic fertilizers improve the quality of the soil. Organic fertilizers are derived from the extract of animals, humans, and vegetables. Manure and bone meal are one type of organic fertilizers.

It helps in the improvement of the texture of the soil and allows holding the water for a longer duration and increases the bacterial and fungal activity of the soil. There is various organic fertilizers company in India that can fulfill the cultivation requirements. Therefore, fulfill the basic requirements of your plants and help them to flourish so that you can obtain greater yields.


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