11 Tips to Stay Sharp and Sane

11 Tips to Stay Sharp and Sane

Here, in this blog post, we will you some tips to stay sharp and sane. While it’s natural to experience some form of brain aging in life, you can still improve your memory and stay mentally sharp. My grandpa is in his 80s and he can still remember stuff like a pro. From the dates of the wars to the names of the channels in our Spectrum Triple Play bundle, Grandpa James has a memory of a dolphin!

Great news – any one of us can become as sharp as my grandpa if we take care of ourselves and follow some tips such as:

Follow Some Tips to Stay Sharp and Sane

1: Cut Back On Sugar

First things first, sugar is no good for you in any form. In the short run, sugar temporarily improves brain function but an elevated level can drastically impede memory. If you have high blood sugar, you better start taking care of your health, my friend.

2: Stay Sharp and  Manage Stress

One of the major causes of memory loss is stress. It results in brain inflammation hence weakening old memories and making the new ones more difficult to remember.

3: Create a Social Network

Expand your network of buddies. Stay Sharp the more friends you have, the more you help you will get to cope with your friends. These friends keep you motivated, hold you accountable and leave a healthy impact on your general well-being.

4: Get Physical

Get Physical

It is extremely important to engage in physical activity for 45 minutes at least 3 times a week. Even if you exercise for 20 seconds 3 times in 10 minutes, you will feel great.

Hit the gym, join a group for outdoor sport, a yoga class maybe. Or you can simply go on a morning jog with your friends. These tips to stay sharp and sane, both of you can hold each other accountable.

5: Work On Your Diet

Good nutrition leaves a great impact on your mind and body. Make sure your diet is a combination of veggies, meat, and other healthy food.

6: Worry Less and Do More

Worrying never helps. You simply keep brooding over the past or future and it steals your alertness. Instead of wasting your time worrying about something, ask yourself “how I can improve my situation.” You must change your perspective on things.

If you are unable to relax, here is what you need to do to chill out:

  • Take a deep breath
  • Listen to your favorite song
  • Meditate or do yoga
  • Watch a funny video
  • Find someone you can talk to

7: Sit With Smarter People

Sit With Smarter People

The power of association is real. Have you heard of the maxim “show me your friend and I will tell you who you are?”

If the people you associate with are slackers, you will start behaving and thinking like them inevitably. Therefore, to stay sharp, hang out with smart people. This is one of the best tips to stay sharp and sane.

8: Get Rid Of the Bad Habits

To stay sharp and smart, shun your bad habits. What are these habits, you ask? Over entertaining yourself with media, getting drunk, smoking, watching TV all day long, and more. The interesting thing is most of us know what we are doing wrong. We know which habits are not adding any value to our lives.

It is time you cut the cord and get more control over your life. Bad habits steal our time and alertness.

9: Keep an Open Mind

If you can keep an open mind that means your mental health is in the best state. Having an open mind means being observant and aware of the possibilities around you.

When you have a closed mind, you think less and continue doing things in a routine without taking a creative road. Your brain is hence not exposed to problem-solving, innovative ways, discoveries, and new knowledge.

10: Get Enough Sleep

The best way to preserve memory is to learn something new and get some sleep. But sleep is necessary at all times.

A person who starts tried will have a hard time focusing on things. In this case, if you sleep after learning the new thing, the new information will fly before you can even recall it.

For better memory and a good mood, get at least 7 to 8 hours of sleep every night. You will wake up fresh the next day to absorb new pieces of information.

11: Indulge In Joyous Activities

Indulge In Joyous Activities

Just live food leaves a profound effect on your brainpower, so do joyous activities. They lift your mood and you get to stay on top of your mental health. There must be one activity or a hobby that would enlighten your mood.

These tips to stay sharp and sane apply to all adults. So get out there, learn a new language, even memorize something weird (like Spectrum support number), pick up a hobby and stay top of your mental health. The less stressed you are, the sharper you will become at the end of the day. Keep training your brain and get enough rest.

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