10 questions about the French Bulldog

The lovely French Bulldogs

The lovely French Bulldog is a dog that will perfectly adapt to its owner. The older it gets, the more there are two alternatives. Either he will show himself as a mature dog who has calmed down and is rather restful in nature. Either he’s going to get even crazier.

How does a French Bulldog behave?

But be careful, don’t take two things away from a Bulldog. At first, don’t touch your master. The slightest emotion that his master may feel will be immediately felt by the Bulldog. Very emotional in nature, he is very attached to his master and is rather dependent on him. The second thing is that the French Bulldog has a need for exercises more or less important depending on his character. But one thing is for sure, which says exercise, will necessarily mean nap! Don’t touch the Bulldog’s nap or else, his grumpy character can rise to the surface. It has its little comfort that should not be disturbed.

What is the character of the French Bulldog?

The Bulldog is the pet dog par excellence. Don’t be fooled by appearances, behind this porridge is actually a dog that exudes joie de vivre and is always ready for a game.

Wisdom comes as you get older, doesn’t it? Actually, not at the French Bulldog. In reality, the older this dog gets, the more he’s a clown.

How to take care of a French Bulldog?

The Bulldog is rather conciliatory. Do you like to play with the cubs? This dog is ideal because he loves to play and is totally tireless. But paradoxically, if you are rather relaxing-canapé, or quiet walk, this dog will suit you just as perfectly. As said before it all depends on his character but he will also be able to adapt to that of his master.

Can he live with the children?

Can french bulldogs live with the children

Very social in nature, the French Bulldog has no trouble making new friends. With its small size, it is very popular with children who can quickly make him a friend of everyday games. Moreover, his sociability does not prevent him from going to meet new people.

Can it live with other animals?

The Bulldog may be quite different in the sense that it can get along perfectly with humans, but when it comes to other animals, its behavior is rather mixed. Indeed, two male bulldogs will have an unfortunate tendency not to get along. But as far as their friends’ cats are concerned, they can live together with a perfect friendship.



What is the difference between a male and a Female French Bulldog?

There are some behavioral differences between male and female French bulldogs. But it is important to know that the role of the master, the environment in which he is brought to life, as well as the relationship he will have with his master will play a decisive role in the evolution of the personality of the dog.

Some characteristics sometimes emerge when the male bulldogs are differentiated from the female bulldogs. As for the male, he will show a more assertive character and will be more dependent on his master unlike the female of a more independent nature. In addition, the male bulldog will be much more playful and a little more dissipated, and adventurous at heart (tendency to want to run away). For the female Bulldog, she will behave in a more analyzing way, in the sense that she is more fearful in nature. Nevertheless, she is more sociable in front of other puppies. Finally, the female bulldog is more docile in general.

What is the daily life of a French Bulldog?

The Bulldog likes to do activities (walks, games, etc.) but be careful not to push him to the limit because of his nature as a brachycephalic dog. Rather, it is a dog that needs to make small efforts regularly and if you are talking about doing a longer physical activity, pay attention to its condition during exercise.

How to feed a French Bulldog?

How to feed a French Bulldog

French Bulldog is known to have more difficult digestion than other puppies. So, it is very important to be careful about the food you want to give your dog. To do this, you have to provide vitamin-rich foods that can be found in the kibbles. Giving him foods rich in vitamin B will allow her, in addition to having good health, to have very beautiful hair.

As for its difficulties in digesting, it is recommended to give it croquettes to the lamb which is shown to be the easiest meat to digest. In addition, it is important to know that the more the bulldog grows, the less it will need to eat per day (4 times a day when it is still puppy versus 2 times a day, adult).

Can we leave a French Bulldog alone for a few moments?

It is possible to leave a Bulldog alone for a moment. Nevertheless, this dog needs special and daily attention. It is possible to leave a Bulldog alone for a whole day, but it is still not recommended for its well-being, like all other dogs for that matter.

Is it easy to keep a French Bulldog?

It is very easy to keep his French Bulldog since he loves humans. If your borrowers turn out to be a family your Bulldog will become a perfect playmate for kids and he will quickly consider them his best friends!


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