10 Pregnancy Tips by the Top Gynecologists in Kolkata

Pregnancy is a roller coaster phase that comes with tonnes of changes in your body and emotions. The internet is full of tips and advice on what to do and what not to do. It gets challenging to know the authenticity of information over the web. Hence, it is essential to seek a Gynaecologist in Kolkata for the most reliable tips for this golden period. Consult the best in town using a Bajaj Health EMI card and ensure both quality and affordability at the same time. So, with no further delay, let’s see what the top gynaecologists have to offer as tips to have a smooth and healthy pregnancy tenure.

Plan In Advance

Surprise pregnancies do not give you the time to make lifestyle changes and plan the future in a better way. Hence, plan your pregnancy to know any health issues in advance and make necessary changes accordingly. You can start with folic acid beforehand, stop smoking and optimize your health conditions for a smooth pregnancy period.

Embrace The Process

Many women do not consider pregnancy as an incredible process. This stems from societal factors and can stop one from taking better care of their health during this time. A woman needs to prioritize self-care more than ever and embrace the changes that come along with pregnancy. Enjoy and pay heed to the remarkable process of creating a new life.

Select A Gynaecologist With Proper Care

Pregnancy requires regular health checkups with multiple sittings with your doctor. Hence, choose one that sits well with you. Check their qualification and experience for a proper background check. In India, women prefer going to a doctor advised by family and friends for availing personalized care. Select a gynaecologist in Kolkata after thorough research and enjoy your consultations.

Take Folic Acid

Folic acid can help in the creation of a typical spinal column and prevent any neural tube defects. Doctors recommend taking folic acid regularly one month before pregnancy and during the first trimester. You can also incorporate it into your diet by eating green leafy vegetables, bread, etc., consult a gynaecologist and start with folic acid before planning your pregnancy.


A lot of people are unaware of the necessary vaccinations to be done before and during pregnancy. Discuss your doubts and understand the different types of vaccines with your healthcare provider. Most doctors recommend vaccination against whooping cough for safeguarding your baby. This disease can prove to be life-threatening, and hence, it is vital to take the vaccine.

Nutritious Food

A pregnant woman needs to include food rich in minerals and vitamins such as fruits and vegetables. But maintain your food proportion and do not believe the false myth of eating for two during this period. Avoid any food that creates an allergic reaction. Steer away from uncooked foods and alcohol as they can cause infection and fetal alcohol syndrome.

Get Active

Being active during pregnancy can lower the risk of obesity. It may be difficult and tiring to exercise or indulge in activities such as dancing during pregnancy. Get creative and fit in small and light sessions during the day. It will alleviate your mood, improve blood sugar levels and reduce stress levels significantly.

Schedule Prenatal Appointment

A prenatal appointment is usually scheduled in the 8th week of your pregnancy. It helps your gynaecologist in ascertaining your and baby’s health condition to ensure a smooth pregnancy. You can book an appointment earlier if you face any discomfort and not wait until it is usually scheduled.

Regular Ultrasounds

One of the most essential and unavoidable aspects is ultrasounds. Many women miss ultrasounds due to various reasons. According to a gynaecologist in Kolkata, an ultrasound is necessary to tell how the baby is growing. Complications can be detected beforehand and dealt with immediately. Hence, stick to scheduled ultrasounds and maintain a record to help your doctor analyze the baby’s health.

Make Your Support Network

Pregnancy can be intimidating and stressful at times. Though you may have a loving and supporting family, they may not understand the condition you are going through. Hence, talk to your partner about your stress and join a support network of pregnant women for dealing with any anxieties and worries related to pregnancy.

Wrapping Up

Pregnancy is a blissful experience for a woman. It is vital to make self-care a priority during this time. With Bajaj Health EMI Card, you get access to the best gynaecologists, nutritionists, and mental health professionals at an affordable cost. So, follow these tips by top doctors for a healthy and safe pregnancy.


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