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99% Has Well Below 50% Voting Record

Occupy Wall Street and movements like it around the country (like Occupy Las Vegas – which has set up encampment right here in Las Vegas) are upset with the status quo and the corrupting influence of money on politics in this country.  They are absolutely right about that, and the government mainly serves the top […]

Michele Bachmann burning through her cash

She’s spending it faster than she is bringing it in from her donors. During the past three months she took in $3.9 million in her run for the Republican Presidential nomination. But she spent $5.7 million. Can’t balance budgets spending almost $2 million more than you take in. So much for conservatism. Her intake is […]

Conspiracy in Plain Sight

Despite being a born cynic, or maybe because I am a born cynic, I’ve never been much on secret conspiracy theories. Occam’s razor is usually pretty sharp, and it leads me to reason that we really did go to the moon and that Bigfoot isn’t just a shy, arboreal primate, but nonexistent. I also suspect that […]

Affordable Health Care Act for America is helping

Jamelle Bouie of The Nation reports some good news:. “For political and implementation reasons, most of the Affordable Care Act won’t take effect until 2014. Among the provisions that have begun, however, is a change that allows young adults (men and women immediately out of college) to remain on their parent’s health insurance plans. As […]

Racism Less Overt, But Far From Gone

Racial issues have made a comeback in the national dialogue since we elected our first black president.  The Tea Party’s overt hatred of President Obama has added fuel to the flames.  But are they really racist, or do they just really hate the left? One would have to believe that Obama was really left to […]

Tea Party Logic: Chop Off Fingers to Improve Juggling Skills

The last time the gap between rich and poor in America was as wide as it is today was in 1928, just before the Great Depression.  Last year middle class Americans saw their net worth drop by 20%.  The bottom end of income spectrum experienced an even sharper decrease.  Also last year, according to a […]

Another Shocker from the Right

This story is so sweet that the jokes write themselves.  Our friends among the Tea Party set, who have for some reason claimed a special affiliation with Nevada, are being sued for allegedly skipping out on a very expensive soiree in Las Vegas. They were even planning on having Sharron Angle do some sort of pre-victory […]

Nevada Budget Held Hostage by Tea Party

It is widely known that the Nevada state budget is in poor shape.  There is some public dispute about just how bad it really is (3.5 billion vs. 1.5 billion), but the truth is that our school districts and higher education system are facing tremendous obstacles in funding themselves, even just at current capacity. More people […]