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Occupy Las Vegas Asks Local Governments to Pass Resolution

Participatory democracy is a theme being championed by the Occupy movement. Local Occupy movements have successfully petitioned their local governments to pass resolutions in support of solutions to a specific set of their grievances in places such as Los Angeles, Cleveland, Seattle, San Francisco, Butte/Missoula (Montana), Pittsburg, Pinal County (AZ). Such measures have also received […]

#OccupyLasVegas: The Winner of Last Night’s Republican Debate?

Apparently, the scene inside The Venetian last night turned into a complete and utter train wreck. Mitt Romney continued to call for MORE foreclosures and more families losing their homes to the big banks. He also fought with Rick Perry over which of them hates Latinos more. Meanwhile, Michele Bachmann desperately begged to stay relevant […]

What is Occupy Las Vegas About?

Occupy Las Vegas is happening on Thursday, October 6th at 3pm in front of the New York, New York Casino.  Participants have permission to park in the NY, NY garage, though signs and masks are prohibited inside. But what is this about, and what do these protesters hope to accomplish?  While you might get several […]

Time to Occupy Las Vegas, October 6th

A lot will be happening around the nation on October 6th as people fed up with corporate greed and the top 1%’s preferential treatment gather in cities large and small to raise their voice of frustration.  The Las Vegas crowd has made a surprising showing, with nearly 800 people becoming fans of the Occupy Las […]