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Benghazi Baloney: Review Journal Unworthy Newspaper

The amateurish editorial board at the Las Vegas Review Journal has shown us once again its ugly partisan bias, lack of principles, and total reckless disregard of the truth in its recent editorial which attempted to slam Obama for Benghazi, yelling loudly that he is “unworthy” of being a president. They really showed us how […]

Affordable Health Care Act for America is helping

Jamelle Bouie of The Nation reports some good news:. “For political and implementation reasons, most of the Affordable Care Act won’t take effect until 2014. Among the provisions that have begun, however, is a change that allows young adults (men and women immediately out of college) to remain on their parent’s health insurance plans. As […]

Missing Ingredient for Jobs, Businesses Hiring

Habib and Madar (not their real names) own a small restaurant in Las Vegas. I met them a few years ago when a friend told my wife and me about their place. We went there to check it out and have lunch. There were only about 10 tables and one other employee besides the owners. […]

President Obama Jobs Speech – Live Blog

We will be covering President Obama’s jobs speech tonight here at The Nevada View.  You can participate in the live discussion right here. The speech starts at 7pm Eastern, 4pm Pacific time.  It will be on the major networks, or you can watch it live on the White House website here. Tweet

Constitutionality of Obama’s Actions in Libya

Article first published as Is Obama’s War in Libya Constitutional? on Blogcritics. President Barack Obama’s intervention in Libya with American military forces creates an interesting dilemma, though mainly for ideologues, partisans and talking heads. The drama ensues from the duplicitous back and forth between Democrats and Republicans on this issue of executive war powers. Should […]

My Love/Hate Relationship With Progressive Liberals

As the last days of 2010 step into place for their final curtain call, I find myself humming the occasional holiday song, appreciating the snow-capped mountains, eating too many cookies, and wishing I could strangle some of my dearest friends on earth. It’s only fair to tell you that you might be one of those […]