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What the Heck, Joe?

Rep. Joe Heck was handed a dream piece of legislation — a chance to bring jobs to his district, diversify the economy and even do something good for public lands. The legislation would have protected Gold Butte, Nevada’s Gateway to the Grand Canyon, by declaring it a national monument. Heck was handed this on a […]

Joe Heck Angers Veterans, Business Owners Over Land Bill

Veterans and business owners are speaking out about Joe Heck’s vote on H.R. 1505 (linked to H.R. 2578), a bill which gives police state powers over our public lands to the Department of Homeland Security.  Last Tuesday’s Las Vegas Review Journal featured a full page ad lambasting Heck’s decision to vote for this bill that […]

GOP is blind to the American Worker

Shaun Donovan, the secretary of the U.S. Housing and Urban Development Department, wrote a guest column in the Las Vegas Sun today about the need of Congress to act on President Obama’s Jobs bill. Not only does Mr. Donovan think Congress should act, but a majority of Americans do as well and those Americans should […]

Joe Heck Refuses to Meet Constituents… So They Do “Town Hall” Without Him

After waiting the entire summer for Joe Heck to meet with constituents and answer the questions we have about what he’s doing in Congress, a group of Nevadans decided enough was enough. They mapped out his Dick Cheney like undisclosed hiding location “Congressional Office“, and then they paid his office a visit. If anyone still […]

Mark Amodei (& Joe Heck) to Nevada: Get Nuked!

This is in his district, and this would hurt his constituents if built… But Mark Amodei doesn’t care. For three decades, firm opposition to any sort of nuclear development for Yucca Mountain has been a rite of passage for any candidate seeking national political office representing Nevada. But the past few congressional races, Republicans have […]

Sharron Angle: She’s Back! (And She’s Not Alone.)

Apparently “Our Lady of Perpetual Campaigning” invaded California on Saturday to sell her books and raise money for her next campaign “meet with real patriots!” And if that wasn’t bad enough, their lousy attempt at Vaudeville comedy got even worse once they returned to Nevada (to torture us yet again!). The Tea Party Express continued […]

Joe Heck Brings “Pay-Per-View Congress” to Nevada

Yet again, the person who claims to be my member of Congress won’t get anywhere near me… Nor any of his other constituents who can’t pay Republican clubs to ask him questions. Oh yes, that’s right. “Pay-Per-View Congress” has come to Nevada with a vengeance, and we have Joe Heck to thank for that! Don’t […]

NV-03: Who Does Joe Heck Really Serve?

Oh, my. I guess yesterday’s “event” with Joe Heck didn’t quite go as planned. What especially looks to be the problem at hand was the event Joe Heck attended. Was it private? Were protests allowed? Who was causing a scene? Honestly, that’s missing the point. Why is Joe Heck’s event page completely empty? Why was […]

Congressman Joe Heck Versus the Pell Grant

Today the Young Democrats at the College of Southern Nevada sent Congressman Joe Heck a letter condemning his July 19, 2011 vote to make the largest cut to the Pell Grant in U.S. history.  The letter also points out that the major cuts proposed to the federal budget will take money out of the economy, […]

Joe Heck votes against saving energy and costs of Nevadans

Last week the House of Representatives rejected a bill, HR 2417, that would have repealed energy efficiency standards that are expected to lead to a phase-out of the traditional incandescent light bulb. A two-thirds vote was necessary to pass the bill under suspension of the rules. The bill is likely to come up again under […]