An Entire Town For Sale In Nevada!

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An Entire Town For Sale In Nevada!

Playing video games and virtual simulations you probably dreamed of having a town of your own in real life. You had fantasies of having unlimited power to arrange buildings and homes in the way you wanted, to build industry and create a sustainable and prosperous community. However, just like many other dreams and desires, those wishes remained unrealistic and unfulfilled, since we do not get a chance to “play God” every day. But, once in a while, life gives a surprise and one such opportunity is offered in Nevada, where a whole town is up for sale and you can become a proud owner of this place if you have $8 million extra.

This interesting story attracted a lot of attention from the media, mostly because it is not every day that you hear of a trade where a fully functional town can be bought by somebody. But, a small city, located approximately 70 miles south of Las Vegas, is put on the market and it can be yours for only $8 million.

The price is, of course, unrealistic and enormous for most of us “ordinary” people, but for billionaires and investors – this may be a real bargain. As a matter of fact, the price has been lowered down from $17 million, which was the asking price in 2010, but due to the overall crisis and the lack of demand – the owner was forced to offer the town for a much lower price.

The owner of this place, which is called Cal-Nev-Ari, is a 78-year old widow by the name of Nancy Kidwell. Together with her husband Slim, who passed away in 1983, she founded this town in 1965 and has been running it ever since. With 51 years of ownership, she says she finally had enough and that the obligations are simply too much for her to handle now, which is the main reason for sale. What is not for sale are the actual citizens of the place, around 350 of them, as well as some privately owned homes, small community center and a volunteer fire station. The rest is available for purchase and with more than 500 acres of land – this may seem like a very good opportunity for future investment.

Currently, this town has a casino, a motel, convenience store, RV park and even a dirt airstrip, which is a mile long and can easily take smaller aircraft. The town was actually an air force base, and that is the reason why it has a fully operational landing field. Besides that, there is also a sewer system and deep-water wells, but there are no paved roads. The broker who is in charge of this sale says that he had already received some inquiries and offers from potential buyers, and they offered different visions of the place. Among their plans, retirement community, a ranch, a renewable energy project, shooting range or even a “marijuana resort”, are what stands out and it remains to be seen what will happen with this charming, little place.

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