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Shouldn’t We BE Progressive In Order to Be Called Progressive?

During the 2008 campaign I often heard Obama say that the election was only the first step toward progress, and that the real work would begin after assuming office. In Obama’s first two years in office, his words have certainly proven to be true. There are several groups working against him and his agenda, all of who have no trouble disregarding the overwhelming number of citizens who voted for change last fall in the process. Me, I see it differently, and I’ll be there to help our president get re-elected and I’m proud to say, “I’m In!”

Constitutionality of Obama’s Actions in Libya

Article first published as Is Obama’s War in Libya Constitutional? on Blogcritics. President Barack Obama’s intervention in Libya with American military forces creates an interesting dilemma, though mainly for ideologues, partisans and talking heads. The drama ensues from the duplicitous back and forth between Democrats and Republicans on this issue of executive war powers. Should […]

When Free Speech Isn’t Free

Political rhetoric and the vitriol associated with much of it has been in the news a lot lately. Many people claim that words don’t hurt people. I completely disagree. Such a statement is tantamount to the gun lover slogan, “Guns don’t kill people; people kill people.” While it’s true that guns (and words) are not the ones that actually make the decision to harm someone, their effect CAN be just as devastating as the one who actually pulls the trigger.

My Love/Hate Relationship With Progressive Liberals

As the last days of 2010 step into place for their final curtain call, I find myself humming the occasional holiday song, appreciating the snow-capped mountains, eating too many cookies, and wishing I could strangle some of my dearest friends on earth. It’s only fair to tell you that you might be one of those […]

President Obama 2010 Report Card, Part 1

In this President Obama 2010 Report Card we will define the measures of what makes a good grade. No doubt people will have different opinions about the value and even constitutionality of the policies he has enacted since he became the chief-executive. Making those determinations are much more subjective. How about the President’s strategies and […]