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Will Obamacare Help or Hurt Joe Heck in 2014

What happens if Congressman Joe Heck repeals Health Care Reform? That’s the question asked in a new ad put out by Democrats (see video below). The video highlights the stories of real people, called the “faces of repeal,” who would suffer if the health care law was repealed. Joe Heck has voted with House Republicans […]

Three Ads Attacking Congressman Joe Heck Online

Even though the 2014 election is just shy of a year away, Congressman Joe Heck is already starting to feel the heat. I’ve been seeing paid ads on Facebook and other social media posts bringing light to issues with Heck. Apparently a lot of people aren’t happy with his leadership, even some on the right. […]

Joe Heck Fallout from Shutting Down Government

There is considerable banter flying back and forth today over the shutdown of the federal government, but how will voters feel about this next year in the voting booth? How will voters in Congressional District 3 feel about the fact that Joe Heck voted to shutdown our government? 2012 was pretty much a cakewalk for […]

Joe Heck Targeted in New Facebook Ad Over Government Shutdown

On the cusp of potential disaster via a House Republican sponsored government shutdown, the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee is scrambling to drum up public opposition. A new Facebook ad will target 27 House Republicans, including Nevada’s own Rep. Joe Heck. I got a nice little preview here (pictured at the right). Insanity is right! Rep […]

Joe Heck Against Government Mail, Before He Was King of It

Politics should probably be less about individual politicians, and more about real issues. Every once in a while, however, it is good to do an hypocrisy alert… after all, elections do have consequences. Today’s alert goes out to Nevada’s own Joe Heck from Congressional District 3. Hey, Congressman Heck isn’t shy at all when being […]

Rep. Joe Heck Urged to Protect Taxpayers

Several Nevada residents gathered in front of the IRS Building today to present $2,000 invoices to Congressman Joe Heck for services and items that they will no longer be able to afford if their tax cuts expire. Kathleen Nelson a Navy Veteran presented Joe Heck with an invoice for physical therapy treatments for her special […]

Joe Heck Angers Veterans, Business Owners Over Land Bill

Veterans and business owners are speaking out about Joe Heck’s vote on H.R. 1505 (linked to H.R. 2578), a bill which gives police state powers over our public lands to the Department of Homeland Security.  Last Tuesday’s Las Vegas Review Journal featured a full page ad lambasting Heck’s decision to vote for this bill that […]

Families for Healthy Communities Send Mom’s Day Message to Congressional Reps

(Las Vegas, Nev.) – Mothers and their children made Mother’s Day about clean air and healthy communities May 12 by creating messages to go to Nevada’s federal congressional representatives.  Moms worked with the Nevada Conservation League to create the event at the Roots Community Garden in Las Vegasin support of legislation to control dangerous chemicals […]

For the Heck of It, Republicans Keep Denying Reality

Apparently, professional radical right whiners are not happy when the truth is told about Joe Heck and what he’s doing in Washington. Apparently I’m “embarrassing myself daily for the entire world to watch”. Wait, so telling the truth is now “embarrassing”? Lordy, someone needs to call the WHAAAAAA-MBULENCE! They’re even taking the crybaby act to […]

Joe Heck Refuses to Meet Constituents… So They Do “Town Hall” Without Him

After waiting the entire summer for Joe Heck to meet with constituents and answer the questions we have about what he’s doing in Congress, a group of Nevadans decided enough was enough. They mapped out his Dick Cheney like undisclosed hiding location “Congressional Office“, and then they paid his office a visit. If anyone still […]