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Income Inequality Growing in Nevada and the Nation, Report Says

A new state by state study by the Center for Budget Policy Priorities, a Washington D.C. based policy think tank, says what we all have known for some time… the rich are richer, the poor are getting poorer.  Can’t even get a trickle to come down. The gaps between the incomes of the richest households […]

Building a Public Education Counter-Movement in the Las Vegas Area

At the K-12 levels, high-quality teachers and well-run schools are essential to student achievement. However, public educators are largely being blamed for struggling students rather than focusing on larger systemic issues such as children in poverty, unsafe neighborhoods and substandard schools which can make it difficult to learn (1). Although there is a lot of focus on education problems by policymakers, […]


Workers’ Voice Communications Director Eddie Vale announced the first post-VP pick campaign ad in the country to be launched in Nevada. Vale said, “Workers’ Voice is the first group running ads since Paul Ryan has been nominated because it is crucial for middle class families and seniors to know that Romney, Ryan and Heller would […]

Bipartisan Support for Bring Jobs Home Act?

Earlier today at Senator Heller’s office in downtown Las Vegas a large group of Nevada’s labor community came out to sincerely ask for the Senator’s support for the “Bring Jobs Home Act” which he and Senator Reid are scheduled to vote on next week.  It  is a common sense bill that would close tax credit […]

NPRI’s New Partnership with Amanda Fulkerson – Chief Communications Officer for CCSD [Part 1 of 2]

There have been several sightings of the Nevada Policy Research Institute (NPRI) with their new best friend – Amanda Fulkerson.  WHAT?  Let me get this straight.  Amanda Fulkerson, a public school employee, is hanging out and making alliances with the premier Nevada anti-public-education group? This is what NPRI is all about: Billionaires Buying Influence in […]

Time to Hold Station Casinos Accountable

We live in a democracy with the rule of law.  No one is above the law, right?  Station Casinos has been found guilty of breaking federal law 88 times by two federal administrative law judges, which would make it the worst violator of labor law in Nevada gaming history. Who wants to do business with […]

What is Station Casinos Thinking?

With a new ad campaign against the Culinary Union, Station Casinos is escalating an already delicate situation, and I’m not really sure how it is to their benefit. Check out the ad below. What’s even more amazing is how this will bring more attention to the fact that Station Casinos were found to have committed […]

Teacher’s Union Reaches Contract Impasse With School District

The Clark County Education Association declared an impasse last night after being unable to reach an agreement on labor contracts with the Clark County School District. With just over two weeks to go before school starts and no newly inked contract, 800 teachers’ jobs are at risk. That is in addition to the 600 or so support positions already targeted for elimination. Negotiations have been underway to reach concessions on a $37 million budget deficit since July.

Chunk Muth throws a Party

Does Chucky have his own party? There seems to be a spoiler party hanging around: ORGANIZED LABOR PARTY OF NEVADA Constitution/Bylaws Daniel C. Burdish, Secretary/Treasurer 5825 Plam St. Las Vegas, NV 89120 Why would Chucky need his own party? Is he running for President? Maybe he thinks he needs to expand his Get-GOPers-To-Sign-Anti-Tax-Pledges faster operation? […]