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Kathleen Vermillion Vs. Steve Sisolak: Round 3 or 4 (Admittedly, We’ve Lost Count)

When does a smear become too personal? And when do personal attacks go too far? For answers, let’s take a look at Kathleen Vermillion vs. Steve Sisolak, former lovers that have graduated to that illustrious and all too frequent uplevel of relationship known as the bitter enemy stage. The crux of Kathy Vermillion’s very public […]

Republicans Void of Solutions

Watching the Republican Presidential debate last week in Las Vegas was somewhat entertaining but sort of like eating Chinese food, not very filling. Very little, if any, substance. Their bickering with each other seems to be a departure from the Reagan rule, “Thou shalt not speak ill of another Republican.” Notably, to me, was the […]

Mark Amodei, Years From Now (Video)

Thanks to science, we are now able to digitally analyze photos to see how age will affect a person’s appearance.  So we decided to run this scan on Mark Amodei to see how he will look in a few years from now.  The results were startling. How old is Mark Amodei?  He was born in […]

Mark Amodei Commercial Response Video

So Mark Amodei thinks he’s a funny guy.  He pulled out these old videos and cherry picked to fuse together this nonsense commercial to make Kate Marshall look like an Obamabot.  Very clever.  All this time I had no idea that politicians used catch phrases in their speeches.  Whew!  Thanks for pointing that out Mark! […]

Mark Amodei is a Wussy and a Fugazi

A congressional election in Nevada has now been reduced to a yo mamma battle. Mark Amodei is crying to the press that Kate Marshall made fun of his momma. Really Mark? In an ad released by the Marshall campaign, Amodei’s position on killing Medicare (aka Medicare light – with vouchers and doubled costs) are taken […]

Kate Marshall or Mark Amodei?

Apathy and low turnout is the mark of a recent headline at the New York Times covering the election in Nevada’s Second Congressional District.  Where’s the interest?  Why aren’t people lining up at the polls? There’s been a lot of grumblings about the candidates in the press, describing them as lackluster and decrying their over […]

Mark Amodei Sinks to New Lows

Mark Amodei’s campaign for Nevada’s Second Congressional District is turning into an unpardonable sin.  He’s denying that the sun is shining, as it stares him in the face.  To make matters worse, he is using his momma for political gain on the back of bald faced lies.  No, not even Milli Vanilli sunk that low. […]

Amodei Can’t Find $17.30

Ray Hagar at rgj.com posted an article about BUMBLE BUMBLE Amodei. I guess Amodei doesn’t have a couch. That is where I go when I want to find $17.30 to pay my bills. It seems that he owns a mine but has forgotten, at least 20 times, to pay his tax bill. Guess his anti-tax […]

Moveon Protests Dean Heller in Downtown Las Vegas

Lesson Learned: If We Don’t Like It, Then We Must Change It.  A MoveOn protest formed Downtown yesterday, and I was there for it. People were angry about what just happened, and they had questions for Dean Heller. Unfortunately, Heller’s office in Las Vegas didn’t really do anything but provide a printed statement on his […]

Kate Marshall Becomes Target of National Republicans

Kate must be doing something right – sounding a little more Republican in a Republican voting district. The NRCC has posted a Kate Marshall attack ad. http://www.nrcc.org/blog/main.asp?Tid=1599 What can money do for you? It can buy nasty, scary ads and blogs. It can also create a big, fat, glamorific organization that runs attack ads for […]