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Downtown Las Vegas: The Mod Local Hotspot

It is incredibly refreshing to witness the renovation, innovation and exploration emerging in Downtown Las Vegas.  With so many reasons to check out what our downtown has to offer, we have more incentive than ever to visit.  There is something for everyone.  To name a few examples, the Children’s Discovery Museum adds incentives for families […]

A Modest Proposal to Wealth Inequality Problem

In the last scene of the Tennesse Williams play A Street Car Named Desire, Blanche DuBois, who is mentally ill, is being led off to a mental institution. As she leaves  she declares: “I have always depended on the kindness of strangers.” We continually see the ever increasing inequality of the distribution of wealth in the United States […]

The REAL Fiscal Cliff: What’s the Solution?

To dent our debt, we need to return to proven Keynesian economics. The simple fact of life is that deficits grow during a recession. The solution is also simple, and proven.  Create demand by passing a jobs bill that targets the long-term unemployed, recent graduates and older workers, and, yes, increases the deficit in the […]

Income Inequality Growing in Nevada and the Nation, Report Says

A new state by state study by the Center for Budget Policy Priorities, a Washington D.C. based policy think tank, says what we all have known for some time… the rich are richer, the poor are getting poorer.  Can’t even get a trickle to come down. The gaps between the incomes of the richest households […]

From Nevada to DC and Back: A Local Small Business Owner’s Take on Politics, Policies and Pathways to Growth

By Ron Nelsen Small business owners like me are busting our humps to put people back to work in the aftermath of the Great Recession. For the economy’s sake and our own, we deserve a chance to tell Washington exactly what kinds of policies can give us a leg up. I got my opportunity last […]

Nevada small businesses offered webinars on tax credits, environmental standards and energy efficiency

Clean Energy Project, a Nevada-based nonprofit organization promoting the clean energy economy, and Small Business Majority, a national nonprofit group providing practical solutions to some of the biggest problems facing small businesses today, are offering several web-based seminars to Nevada small businesses in the coming weeks. The webinars include a discussion featuring White House Council […]

Nevada’s small businesses support clean energy solutions

In a refreshing counterpoint to the coal and oil apologists who attack clean energy jobs and investment in Nevada, a group called the Small Business Majority today released a poll that shows strong support for clean energy and smart energy policies in the Silver State. The poll conducted by Greenberg Quinlan Rosner Research found 61 percent of […]

Dying for Work: Mental Health, Unemployment and Suicide

It seems that a local issue is a national issue as well. Too often these days this is the case. So, I’d like to make a statement and start the appropriate discussion rather than keeping the focus on the wrong discussion or letting the event be forgotten completely. The discussion we need to have is […]

White House Urban Economic Forum Comes to Las Vegas

On Thursday, March 29, the White House Business Council and the U.S. Small Business Administration will host an Urban Economic Forum at the Las Vegas Convention Center.  Among many topics important to urban entrepreneurs in the Las Vegas area, the White House and Administration officials will discuss the Administration’s support for policies that create private-sector […]

Playing to Win in Clean Energy

Senator Reid’s report highlights role of policies in developing Nevada’s clean energy industry Las Vegas, NV – Clean Energy Project’s Executive Director, Lydia Ball, joined Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid for the release of his report “Playing to Win in Clean Energy”.  The report showcased the role in which federal and state policies have played […]