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Sharron Angle Announces Run for President

There has been a lot of rumor and gossip today about the possibility that I, Sharron Angle, may run for president of the United States.  Why not?  Every time I lose an election, I jump up and run for an even higher office (State Senate, Congress and then U.S. Senate).  The time has come for […]

Sharron’s Angle: Nevada State of the State

Brian Sandoval’s state of the state address demonstrates how solid conservative thinking can solve all of human kind’s problems.  We have to remember that the Nevada budget is not infinite.  It has already grown so large that we are starting to pass Guam’s spending levels.  That is dangerous because look at how bad they are. […]

Sharron Angle Joins Patriot Caucus PAC

I am proud to announce that I am joining up with the Patriot Caucus PAC. With the 2012 elections in the not so distant future, I’ll need some kind of constant media attention and also to raise money to help me run for some other office. Sharron Angle is far from defeated. Those Mexicans didn’t […]

Plan for Nevada Budget: Reduce to 1950s Levels

I have a plan for the Nevada budget. The Democrats claim we have a budget deficit? Why can’t we just go back to 1950 spending levels, adjusted for growth and inflation? The state budget would only be $1.5 Billion. I know it’s a modest proposal, but what was wrong with Nevada in 1950? Those were […]