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Carlos Slim Meets Resistance in Las Vegas.

Carlos Slim is the richest man in the world according to Forbes. He is worth some $73 Billion dollars (that we know of). So what’s wrong with being wealthy? Nothing really… Bill Gates is a great man. He has defined philanthropy for the ages. He’s made a great product that’s used globally. Carlos Slim didn’t […]

Why SB 192 is Not Such a Good Idea

On the surface, voting to protect religious freedom seems harmless, and maybe even noble. In reality, SB 192 (Preservation of Religious Freedom Act) attempts to increase the protection of religious freedom beyond what even conservative judges like Justice Scalia have interpreted the 1st Amendment free exercise clause to mean (See Employment Division vs. Smith). The […]

Affordable Health Insurance Options Becoming Available in Preparation for 2014

Whether you know it as the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act, just the Affordable Care Act (ACA), or plain-old Obamacare, by this time next year having health insurance will be a requirement. So what do you do? Well fortunately when this whole ACA thing came about, a provision was written in that allowed for […]

LULAC Hosts Health Care Town Hall

First posted on Ramirez Group Blog. Latinos living in the United States are among the minority groups with the lowest rate of health insurance coverage. This dynamic, along with economic, dietary and other factors place the Latino community at risk for growing health problems. To talk about these issues, the League of United Latin American […]

Mormon Politicians Should Support Same-Sex Marriages

With a vote coming down in the Nevada Legislature on SJR13 which would replace the ban on same-sex marriage with a provision mandating their allowance, there have been some stories floating about that Senator Mo Denis and Senator Justin Jones, both Mormon Democrats, have some misgivings. Jon Ralston posted this morning with more detail here. […]

Suzette LaGrange’s Dishonest Campaign for Las Vegas City Council

Suzette LaGrange decided a while back she’d love to get on the Las Vegas City Council. After all, I am confident all those big developer and real estate clients of hers at Colliers International would love to have their will pushed from within the council. That’s what she’s been doing for the past decade anyway. […]

North Las Vegas Election Vital to Future of City

Mayor Shari Buck and her associates at city hall in North Las Vegas have done their best to paint a rosy picture… as rosy as one can, given the dire circumstances the city faces. They’ve tried desperately to sweep the ugly truth under the rug for as long as possible, trying to avoid the discussion […]

Who is Raja: Las Vegas City Council?

The 2013 elections for the City of Las Vegas have abysmal turnout numbers. Yes people, there is a city council election going on right now for Las Vegas Ward 2! The race is between extreme partisan career politician Republican Bob Beers and successful private business owner and Democrat Fayyaz Raja (on ballot as F. Raja). […]

Bob Beers Wrong Choice for City Council

Bob Beers slipped his way into the Las Vegas City Council last year by way of short notice special election when Steve Wolfson became the District Attorney. Beers’ years as a career politician gave him the connections and money to take that seat without much resistance. Fortunately for the city, there is an alternative on […]

How Much Vacation Time Has Obama Taken? (Infographic)

The Sequester battle rages on in D.C., and now golfing and White House tours are ammo.  One I’ve heard brought up more than usual lately is a complaint that Obama has been on these lavish vacations costing tax payers enormous amounts.  I guess the reasoning goes something like ‘we wouldn’t even have a national debt […]