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Sharron’s Angle: Nevada State of the State

Brian Sandoval’s state of the state address demonstrates how solid conservative thinking can solve all of human kind’s problems.  We have to remember that the Nevada budget is not infinite.  It has already grown so large that we are starting to pass Guam’s spending levels.  That is dangerous because look at how bad they are.

Brian Sandoval correctly points out that we cannot throw money at a problem.  Let’s face it, education in Nevada stinks.  This explains my own struggles with difficult concepts.  Fortunately, I rely on the good Lord for guidance, and He has told me that Nevada needs to cut its government by at least 54%.  Why reward them for poor performance?

Clearly, it’s all the fault of government in the first place.  If they weren’t running education, it would take care of itself.  In the spirit of Darwin, only the strong would go to school and only the strong would survive.  Then we wouldn’t have to be dragged back by people who clearly can’t take care of themselves.

We must recapture Aristotle’s philosophies.

Aristotle believed that some people are, by nature, meant to be slaves.  It is the duty of the superior class of people (wealthy + white + Christian) to contain these other “heathen” people.  So why waste money educating them?  Just put them to work in our factories at extremely low wages, and America will regain its number one status in the world.  It is the outsourcing of jobs to third world countries that has caused most of our problems.  Blame unions and these lower class organizers who have a sense of entitlement who are to blame.

The Future of Nevada

We have to reexamine our priorities.  Why are we spending all this time and money on education, health care, and even business?  Can you take treasures to heaven?  Our number one priority should be the Lord Jesus Christ.  The State of Nevada should be promoting and supporting churches and the teaching of said churches.  If we can just get people to be more moral, all other problems will be solved.

As my friend over at Desert Conservative said, we need to fight against the homosexual agenda of the Democrats and the teachers’ unions.  Clearly, that is why they want more funding for education, so they can ram that gay stuff down our throats.  I don’t think so!  No more kowtowing to coloreds and gays.  We must take back Nevada.

-"Sharron's Angle" is a parody provided for the purpose of satire, just in case you were wondering-


2 Responses to “Sharron’s Angle: Nevada State of the State”

  1. You have it all wrong Sharron. We need to give all of our money away (to the government would be the best for sure) and then we’ll all join hands and sing together as our money is spent to solve all of humanities problems! No more poverty and at the same time, no one even has to work! We will all be supported by all of the money that we gave away!! Free EVERYTHING!! YEAAHHHHH!!!

    Posted by Bill Cosby | August 15, 2011, 2:14 pm


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