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Senator Dean Heller: How About Some Ethics?

Open letter to Nevada Senator Dean Heller:

Money_In_PoliticsIt takes a very brave senator or representative to push to move this country forward and really work for regular people. Can you imagine our country with legislation working to benefit regular citizens? We can make our country super strong! But you must be ethical and not take money from the wealthy who think they are buying legislation from you our Senator to favor them. If our system wasn’t tied to you needing money to be re-elected i(f we could change that), I have no doubt that you would REALLY work for regular people, enacting legislation to increase the taxes on the wealthy (who have done better than ever during these low tax times) and fund programs that give relief for those who are really hurting. I don’t know how many regular people you know, but increasing taxes on capital gains seems like a no-brainer (no one I know who is hurting is concerned with this rate – they have no GAINS to worry about).

Raising the withholding cap on social security seems like a no-brainer too.  It will save Social Security’s solvency.  Those with salaries over $110,000 should have social security taken out anyway (there shouldn’t be a cap).

I am a small business owner – I have NEVER hired or not hired someone based on my tax rate, it is purely on the # of customers I have wanting our services. How do you help that? Help the masses, help the middle class and do what’s right for regular people. PLEASE!!??!!

Cassandra Rice

p.s. If you can write him too – I’d like to bombard his office. Here’s the link I went to.


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