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Dean Heller

Bipartisan Support for Bring Jobs Home Act?

Earlier today at Senator Heller’s office in downtown Las Vegas a large group of Nevada’s labor community came out to sincerely ask for the Senator’s support for the “Bring Jobs Home Act” which he and Senator Reid are scheduled to vote on next week.  It  is a common sense bill that would close tax credit loopholes for American companies that ship jobs overseas.

Senator Heller wasn’t in his office because he’s in DC, but his staff received several letters of support for the Bring Jobs Home Act and they are going to deliver them to Heller before the vote next week.

The bill is sponsored by a Democrat and a Republican. Heller’s intended vote is unknown at this time, though his Republican colleagues in the House have not been as friendly to the Bring Jobs Home Act. Hopefully, this show of support will sway him.


“Strong policies are important if we want our economy to grow and families to succeed. We can only rebuild our economy and our middle class when our country stops rewarding companies that outsource, create trade agreements that protect workers’ rights and prevent currency manipulation so that jobs stay in our country,” said Danny Thompson while addressing the crowd of supporters.

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One Response to “Bipartisan Support for Bring Jobs Home Act?”

  1. I hope heller votes for this bill! It sounds like a great idea.

    Posted by Jailllly | July 12, 2012, 3:07 pm

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