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Nevada Conservation League Releases 2012 Early Endorsements

Las Vegas, NV – The Nevada Conservation League released their early endorsements in the 2012 election today.  The organization endorses pro-conservation candidates in state legislative races.  The early endorsements are reserved for incumbent lawmakers with a strong pro-conservation voting record.

“These elected officials have demonstrated a strong regard for conservation issues in their work in the Nevada Legislature,” said Jennifer Taylor, Board Chair for Nevada Conservation League. “The Nevada Conservation League’s board of directors and staff are proud to stand behind the election of these public officials.”

Scot Rutledge, Executive Director of the Nevada Conservation League, praised the record of these legislators and expressed how important a healthy environment is to a robust economy.  “Nevadans understand that promoting a distinction between common sense regulations and economic development is a false choice.  These legislators understood this and worked hard this session to ensure our values become priorities for Nevada.”

During the 2011 legislative session, lawmakers considered many conservation issues.  Unfortunately, one of the bills approved was SB 271, a reckless piece of legislation that puts the future of Lake Tahoe at risk.


“Each of these candidates had the courage to stand up for the jewel of the Sierra Nevada, even in the face of significant pressure from well-funded interests,” said Kyle Davis, Nevada Conservation League Political Director.  “We are proud to endorse these legislators that stood on the side of Nevada’s environment when the stakes were highest.”

The early endorsements for the 2012 election are as follows:

Tick Segerblom – Senate District 3

Debbie Smith – Senate District 13

Shelia Leslie – Senate District 15

Peggy Pierce – Assembly District 3

Joe Hogan – Assembly District 10

Olivia Diaz – Assembly District 11

James Ohrenschall – Assembly District 12

Maggie Carlton – Assembly District 14

Steven Brooks – Assembly District 17

Richard Carrillo – Assembly District 18

David Bobzien – Assembly District 24

Teresa Benitez-Thompson – Assembly District 27

April Mastroluca – Assembly District 29

Skip Daly – Assembly District 31

Paul Aizley – Assembly District 41

For a comprehensive look at the conservation voting records of the 2011 Nevada Legislature, visit the Nevada Conservation League’s website at http://www.conservationscorecard.org/home.


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  5. Sec. of State is looking into the possibility that District 12 Assemblyman Ohrenschall may not live in district.

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