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Brian Sandoval

Governor Brian Sandoval Hits The Road (Sadly, It’s The Wrong Road)

Governor Brian Sandoval is taking steps to personally ensure that Nevada ultimately recovers from its economic woes. And conveniently, those steps won’t have to take him across any state lines.

The industry chosen for the title Sandoval / Nevada Economy bout is Tourism, and it’s clear – at least the way he’s trying to present it – that our governor won’t stop until this fight’s won and Nevada’s firmly back on its feet. He might not stop, but he may have to visit a few rest stops along the way…

Sandoval is readying up to take three separate trips across Nevada in a collective bid (with a Standard Sandoval (SS) twist thrown in for good measure, but more on that later) to improve our economy.

Sandoval’s plan was recently announced in Reno, and as per usual, it has an SS “deep thoughts” appellation: it’s loftily-labeled “Discover Your Nevada”, though we think it should be called SS BS.

Sandoval’s singular mission: to promote travel to Nevada.
Sandoval’s value-added twist: to promote Nevada travel to Nevadans.

Instead of encouraging out-of-state or out-of-country tourists to come here, Sandoval has decided to target local Nevadan residents, hoping to get them to stay here and spend their vacation dollars in their own state rather than taking those bucks elsewhere.

Sandoval’s ‘unique and singular’ approach to improving tourism shouldn’t come as a surprise; after all, his newly-announced economic redevelopment plan centers around regional efforts. Sandoval seems to be all about slightly modifying already existing plans (which usually just entails scaling pre-existing plans down to local size). Ditto with this new tourism-boosting effort; after churning out of Sandoval’s paint-by-numbers marketing factory, a slogan that was once “Buy American” now spits out as “Buy Local”.

As an added layer of excitement, the state’s Commission on Tourism is promoting the program on its website. Designed as a treasure hunt, the program on the Commission on Tourism’s site asks Nevadans to submit their very favorite places to visit across the state. Nevada is divided into 6 different regions, and voters will vote on the site in search for the #1 “treasure” in each region.

Sounds like terrible fun.

Memo to the Nevada’s Commission on Tourism: A treasure hunt? Really? That’s the best that your think tank could come up with, a condescending treasure hunt that panders to five year olds? I have a sinking feeling that the nation’s economy isn’t the only thing that’s having an adverse effect on Nevada’s tourism; local tourism-related marketing efforts should probably shoulder some of that responsibility.

Memo to our Governor: A few tweaks here and there and “hey presto, we have a new plan that’s gonna work” ISN’T gonna work.

This sounds like another SS train wreck largely due to one glaring oversight: most Nevadans don’t have many vacationing dollars. Sure, some Nevadans might take the occasional trip out of state, – but from where I’m standing, it seems that those trips are borne more out of necessity (work-related trips or family visits) rather than out of any leisurely desire to unwind.

I wonder if going after the trickle of Nevadan’s vacationing dollars will be enough to buy a new marketing campaign. Hopefully, it’ll be enough to pay for gas for the governor’s three anticipated trips; I’d really hate for him to be stranded out in the middle of nowhere.

On second thought…

This admittedly cynical pundit thinks that a campaign aimed at the 50 million visitors that used to come here each year makes much more sense.

About Dorian Issock:
Born in France and raised in SoCal, Dorian Issock’s reviews, blogs and other literary tidbits appear in Desert Companion Magazine, The New Colonist, Urban Art, and scores of online destinations across the internet.


3 Responses to “Governor Brian Sandoval Hits The Road (Sadly, It’s The Wrong Road)”

  1. What is Sandoval doing about the unemployment rate which is actually 15% and not the published 10.5%. AS a GOVERNOR of a STATE, HE has the most POWER to create economic conditions that will lower the UNEMPLOYMENT. I see him taking no action on this, he will note receive my vote again, he is as usefull as OBAMA. Another words he is a DISGRACE.

    Posted by Richard | July 19, 2013, 3:36 pm
  2. Enjoyed the article, Mr. Issock. Not sure if you know about it, but this idea draws parallels to something that happened here locally in Las Vegas immediately after the 2007/2008 economic meltdown.

    After Las Vegas was smacked hard, and it was verified tourists were not coming here in increasing amounts (as evidenced in previous years of mistakenly perceived prosperity), the people at the Las Vegas Convention Visitors Authority (LVCVA) began wringing their hands, fretting and trying to figure out what to do to get tourists to come back to Las Vegas in endless numbers. Which of course, at that time, was almost impossible because people all over the United States had their own problems. And vacation to Las Vegas was last on their list of priorities.

    LVCVA worked, I guess, with casinos on the Strip in their latest marketing idea and helped to advertise strongly to get the locals here to come into casinos along the Las Vegas Boulevard. To make up for tourist shortfall numbers.

    The problems with that idea were many. And the outcry was immediate.

    First, people who live here, and work along the Strip, actually take that money and use it to survive, try to live comfortably, pay their bills and buy necessities. They really don’t take it back into the casinos and bet it all red on one spin. Gambling is not in their top ten priorities. So, this perception that these so called experts at LVCVA was doomed for failure at the start. Their intended goal was not going to happen.

    Second, is the simple fact that those same people who work in the casinos believe to their very souls that the locals don’t spend money and, more importantly to them, they don’t tip. So, based on that, whether true or not, the belief is there and proved to be a roadblock to LVCVA’s grand poobah idea. Some workers in the casinos basically don’t want locals in there predicated upon those ideas about locals.

    And lastly, the “perks” and “comps” that were offered to get locals to patronize and spend money in the casinos on the Strip….were the same crap they would have offered tourists. It wasn’t much. And the locals here all saw that shell game that the casinos just wanted locals to come in so they could grab their ankles, up end them, shake vigorously and get every thin dime they could out of them.

    To make a long story short, this rocket science idea by the LVCVA didn’t last. It died on the vine. And it died quickly and miserably.

    The LVCVA and the casinos on the Strip abandoned this effort and commenced wringing hands again, back to where they started.

    THIS same thing will happen to Governor Sandoval’s Search for the Holy Grail in Nevada Tour.

    Just another deflection from this yay hoo and doing his job. He’s just another in a succession of horrible Tea/Republican Party Governors we’ve suffered under here in Nevada.

    It has already been certified Governor Sandoval don’t work for Nevada. He is still employed by Jones Vargas, and he wholeheartedly represents and runs interference for everything they want.

    He’s simply pointing fingers everywhere except at where it should be pointed: Quit victimizing education, start taxing mining/gaming their fair share of taxes and start promoting things for the people who live in this beloved State, rather than look at us all like we’re victims waiting to happen.

    Posted by ColinFromLasVegas | March 3, 2012, 7:44 am

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