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The GOP Presidential Campaign Finally Worms Its Way Into Nevada

No one can deny that the buildup hasn’t been exceptional this year; the sense of overwhelming excitement mingled with acute suspense is a feeling that’s familiar to anyone who has ever waited up for Santa Claus to appear.

The GOP presidential campaign here in Nevada is kind of like Christmas. Without Santa of course. And admittedly, without any snow. And there are no gifts involved of any kind.

Oh, and let’s not forget joy – there’s absolutely no joy here.

Come to think of it, maybe the GOP campaign can be likened more appropriately to Hanukkah.

But aside from the above omissions, the GOP presidential campaign is just like Christmas (or Hanukkah). And it’s here in the Silver State finally kicking off its 5-day campaign trail.

There’s a grab bag of colorful characters involved this go round: Rick Santorum is on hand playing to the Las Vegas’ teatotaling crowd, and Ron Paul’s at the Green Valley Resort in Henderson chatting up his many loyal supporters. Future plans this week for Paul includes stops in Pahrump, Reno and Elko. Paul has big plans, (at least seemingly bigger plans than his Republic cohorts); he’s the only Republican candidate who is taking the time to reach out to the Hispanic (and historically, largely Democratic) contingency in Nevada on Wednesday.

Other candidates’ pit stop rallies here include Mitt Romney’s which is scheduled for Wednesday, along with his Dr. Moriarty-like nemesis, Sheldon Adelson-enriched, and probable Florida losee Newt Gingrich’s on Thursday.

Speaking of Gingrich, looks like Newt is also rubbing up on Ron Paul the wrong way as well.

Anything can happen here, which will hopefully answer some key questions:

Does Gingrich really has what it takes to stay in the race?

What tangible impact will Paul have on Romney’s chances while echoes of the two facing off during the 2008 GOP caucus still linger?

And is it too late to return my Red Ryder BB gun that I got for Christmas for an iPhone 4S? Turns out I can write off the iPhone as a business expense…

About Dorian Issock:
Born in France and raised in SoCal, Dorian Issock’s reviews, blogs and other literary tidbits appear in Desert Companion Magazine, The New Colonist, Urban Art, and scores of online destinations across the internet.


One Response to “The GOP Presidential Campaign Finally Worms Its Way Into Nevada”

  1. Newt has the experience the country needs at this time. How can we waste away what he is learned with Reagan, his experience applying policy knowledge during Clinton on behalf of all of us! If he did it than, he can certainly bring all of it together this time when the country is starving for the know-how and know-what. Newt also has a brilliant mind and memory.

    Posted by M. McCoy | February 2, 2012, 11:40 am

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