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Kathleen Vermillion Vs. Steve Sisolak: Round 3 or 4 (Admittedly, We’ve Lost Count)

When does a smear become too personal? And when do personal attacks go too far?

For answers, let’s take a look at Kathleen Vermillion vs. Steve Sisolak, former lovers that have graduated to that illustrious and all too frequent uplevel of relationship known as the bitter enemy stage.

The crux of Kathy Vermillion’s very public beef with former boyfriend, Clark County Commissioner Steve Sisolak, can be summed up with the following phrase: “He said, so she said, then he said, now she says, etc”.

Here’s the backstory: Vermillion, a former Henderson City Councilperson, went under heavy scrutiny for her financial management of the Nevada Partnership for Homeless Youth, a charity she founded twelve years ago. She reportedly plans on severing ties with her own foundation so any controversy affecting her won’t rub off on the charity.

How very charitable.

While that machine is still turning, there’s apparently no better time to attempt to deflect unwanted attention than when faced with the harsh spotlight of an investigation; now the spotlight has to share center stage with a civil lawsuit brought by Vermillion against Steve Sisolak.

Enter Sisolak, stage left.

Seemingly angered that Sisolak violated her privacy by publicly discussing the results of a drug test she had taken, Vermillion quickly slaps Sisolak with a defamation lawsuit alleging all manner of personal affronts, namely that he had an “improper and secretive” relationship with her teenaged daughter, including late night texting, a movie “date” and a trip to Victoria’s Secret for a quick shopping spree.

After being slapped with the lawsuit, Sisolak started slapping back. He’s now alleging extortion, claiming that he was told that the lawsuit would be dropped for a mere $3.9 million. He’s recently approached Metro Police with the allegations; and that’s the lay of the land at this point.

When is enough enough? It’s scary how easily a serious issue regarding alleged monetary displacement slipped into a mud-throwing, public free for all. Scarier still is how the vicious personal attacks have the power to annihilate political careers. Unfortunately, destroying careers seems to be the very reason why the mud starting slinging to begin with.

Some might say that Sisolak started it by disclosing private information publicly; others might feel that Vermillion shouldn’t have reacted in kind. Who really cares who started it; when does it stop?

The basis of today’s rant: what should be private isn’t; and those things that need to be made public aren’t.

About Dorian Issock:
Born in France and raised in SoCal, Dorian Issock’s reviews, blogs and other literary tidbits appear in Desert Companion Magazine, The New Colonist, Urban Art, and scores of online destinations across the internet.


7 Responses to “Kathleen Vermillion Vs. Steve Sisolak: Round 3 or 4 (Admittedly, We’ve Lost Count)”

  1. The FACT’S speak very loud and are very clear

    FACT : Text sent Dec 10, 2011 to Sisolak from Vermillion “All I have to do after Jan. 3rd is make the ACCUSATION that you made advancements toward (my daughter), and you’re done.” (malice aforethought)
    FACT : Executive Director Arash Ghafoori on January 10 filed a formal complaint with the State Attorney General alleging Kathleen Vermillion of “fraud, collusion and mismanagement.”
    FACT : The Attorney General confirms they are investigating
    FACT : An email titled “Investigation of Allegations against COO.”– Kathleen Vermillion COO– “Nevada Partnership for Homeless Youth,” had its own suspicions about her. It also points to 16 people who knew Vermillion failed a drug test. None of those potential leakers are named in her lawsuit.
    FACT : Vermillion tested positive for a “synthetic opiate” methadone “her lawsuit says.”
    FACT : Kathleen Vermillion is fired as COO of homeless youth group. Vermillion is no longer employed with the Nevada Partnership for Homeless Youth. Board members have voted her out of the charity.
    FACT : In her lawsuit, Vermillion accuses Sisolak of leaking hurtful and defamatory information involving alleged drug use and misuse of funds at her homeless youth charity. Yet, her attorney Robert Martin has focused on her daughter’s statements.
    FACT : In his affidavit, Burt Boutin (girl’s father) “I have spoken with my daughter about the allegations that have been leveled against Steve Sisolak. She told me the allegations are false. In a desperate move, Kathleen and her advisors managed to coax my daughter into appearing on a video.” The deceptive video was concocted by Vermillion, her Attorney Robert Martins, and Public Relations adviser Mark Fierro.
    FACT : Vermillion’s attorney, Robert Martin called it a” Settlement meeting” ??? Yet, there was almost no discussion of the relative merits of the lawsuit. Clark County is also named in Kathleen Vermillion’s litigation… Clark County legal representative is neither invited to or present at the “Settlement meeting” ???
    FACT: Interim District Attorney, Mary Ann Miller, says she’s perplexed as to why Vermillion would even file such a claim.“It’s clear there has been no violation of state law, federal, or any duty by either Commissioner Sisolak or the county. So, it’s frivolous on its face,” Miller says.
    FACT : Clark  County also backs and issued this statement: “The complaint is frivolous on its face, completely without merit, and is of questionable motivation since it acknowledges that people other than the defendants actually disseminated the information in question before it reached the County,” the statement said.
    FACT: The Nevada attorney general’s office has asked the FBI to join, in part, because the charity receives grants from local and federal agencies.

    FACT: The FBI is also looking at the political activities of the charity’s founder, Kathleen Vermillion, while she sat on the Henderson City Council. 

    Posted by S.Shaw | February 2, 2012, 2:48 pm
  2. Now I would be one of the last in Las Vegas to even think about defending Mr. Sisolak but you appear to be assuming that Mr. Sisolak did in fact disclose private information about Ms. Vermillion.

    Do you have some facts we are not aware of?

    Posted by Lee Yarbrough | January 30, 2012, 2:57 pm
    • Thanks for the comment.

      Forgive me, Lee – I should have been clearer. When I mentioned in the post that the scenario is based on “He said, so she said, then he said, now she says, etc”, I thought it was clear enough that ALL parties are making their fair share of allegations.

      For the record and as part of the defamation suit against Sisolak, Vermillion is alleging that private information was disclosed about her.

      The fact that the furor is over nothing more than allegations at this point is what makes it particularly insidious.

      Posted by Dorian Issock | January 30, 2012, 5:04 pm
      • You said “Who really cares who started it; when does it stop?” You wrote about it you kept it going. These things stop when people like you stop writing about them.

        Posted by Jeff Flavin | January 31, 2012, 4:06 pm
        • That’s pretty facile; I wish that by not talking about issues they would just disappear. However, in the real world, I’d rather address issues than choose not to. I would hope that “people like me” would prefer that too.

          Posted by Dorian Issock | January 31, 2012, 4:31 pm
          • So many haters… I agree, we can’t ignore issues. When will it stop? When freaks stop doing their freaky thing in the public eye.

            Posted by Patrick | February 1, 2012, 5:11 pm


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