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GOP is blind to the American Worker

Shaun Donovan, the secretary of the U.S. Housing and Urban Development Department, wrote a guest column in the Las Vegas Sun today about the need of Congress to act on President Obama’s Jobs bill. Not only does Mr. Donovan think Congress should act, but a majority of Americans do as well and those Americans should be pelting their congressional representatives with demands they do so as well.

Donovan points out that

Unfortunately, a minority united to block the bill, even though the ideas proposed in the Jobs Act have bipartisan support — from cutting the payroll tax cut in half for 50,000 of Nevada businesses, to preventing 3,600 layoffs of Nevada teachers and first responders, to a $4,000 employer tax credit that will put the 88,000 long-term unemployed workers in Nevada back to work.

So, what is the matter with Nevada voters? Nye County is losing its population. People are moving away to find work. Yet no help appears to be in sight from Nevada’s elected congressional leaders. Where is Senator Dean Heller? Joe Heck? Mark Amodei? I know where Congresswoman Shelley Berkley is, she supports creation of jobs.

Republicans came up with a so-called “counteroffer” on jobs. [The Hill]

The GOP package includes proposals anathema to Democrats, such as the complete repeal of Obama’s healthcare reform law and financial regulatory reform bills, but it also has a number of proposals that enjoy some bipartisan support.

What is there in this alleged “counteroffer” anything focused on creating jobs? Not one damned thing!

So where was Nevada’s Republican Senator in this so-called counteroffer? The Hill reported:

Appearing on stage to unveil the package in the Senate TV studio were McCain, Paul and Sens. Rob Portman (Ohio), Mike Johanns (Neb.), John Barrasso (Wyo.), Graham, Jim DeMint (S.C.), Kay Bailey Hutchison (Texas), Mike Lee (Utah), Dean Heller (Nev.), Dan Coats (Ind.) and Ron Johnson (Wis.).

So that’s where he was! The apparent reason the Republicans are even saying anything is because President Obama has been out on the stump trying to sell his jobs bill.

Senator John McCain had the gall to say “There has been no outreach by the president or his people to us.” Good grief! President Obama has spent the last two years and more trying to reach out to those congressional Republicans to engage in bi-partisan activity. All to no avail. All the Republican Senate Minority Leader, Mitch McConnell, is interested in is to defeat Obama in the 2012 election.

That seems to be the commitment of the Republican Party. Beat Obama! They apparently don’t give a hoot about their constituents, the American people. Or Nevadan’s either. What has Dean Heller done for you since he was appointed Nevada’s Senator by Republican Governor Brian Sandoval.

What is wrong with people in Nevada? Are the Nevada Republicans so hamstrung that they will go along with the Republican Party even while they can’t find work, pay their bills, or educate their children?

I have to agree with Stephanie Schriock of Emily’s List who wrote in the Huffington Post that the Republican Party “pulled a bait-and-switch on the voters. Immediately after taking office, the Republicans we elected to create jobs began a single-minded campaign to restrict the rights and freedoms of American women.”

I’m fed up with this effort by President Obama to reach out to the Republican Party. Every effort he has made has been met with silence or repulsion. Forget them. Keep moving forward as best you can—sooner or later Republican voters will wise up, though it may be more later than sooner. Their old habits can be hard to break.

Senator Harry Reid is right when he said “the GOP will have to explain to the American people why they oppose plans to cut middle-class taxes, hire veterans and put American to work building roads, bridges and schools.” [The Record-Courier]

The question may well be that once the GOP makes their explanation will the voters have the sense to remember they where left hanging in the wind by Nevada’s Republican congressional delegation. I’m not at all confident their memory will last until November 2012.


6 Responses to “GOP is blind to the American Worker”

  1. This is NOT a “jobs bill”, it is a public-sector slush fund bill aptly re-named “stim-u-less lite”. The original “stim-u-less” was such a failure that Obama wants to practice the informal definition of insanity – keep doing what does not work and expecting a different result.

    The ridiculous Harry Reid said yesterday “the private sector is just fine; it’s the public sector we need to help”(mq). WHAT?? Reid is an embarASSment to Nevada and the nation. Even Sharron Angle would not have believed so stupidly as Reid in this.

    The only relevant difference this “stim-u-less lite” and the original is that phony phrase “shovel-ready jobs”. LOL!!

    And, what is up with “gaffe-o-matic”, Joe Biden, screaming about rape, robbery, break-ins and many other crimes will skyrocket if this piece of slush isn’t passed?? Desperation, I guess.

    The government has never been a wealth generator, just a wealth leech on the productive.

    Obama should apologize to every American as an economic failure, get his bloated Administration out of the way and let the private sector heal itself from this 3 year onslaught of infected Alinskyism double-wrapped in race and class warfare.

    Liberals can whine about Obama being a one-term president. Republicans are on their way to insuring this fact. Liberals wanted to defeat Bush43 every day. To delineate the difference now is just liberal hypocrisy.

    Obama is Jimmah Carter without the patriotism, experience and common-sense in advancing his brand of Alinskyism wrapped in a big dose in Cloward & Piven economically.

    Obama loves the poor so much he is efforting creating millions more of them.

    This is not a jobs bill. It is another slush fund bill and responsible politicians, if they want to get re-elected – will keep away from this steaming pile of Obamunism.

    Posted by M.R. Heeman | October 21, 2011, 3:54 pm
    • Government is not a wealth creator, M.R. Heeman? Government can get people to produce things, like the Hoover Dam, the Interstate Highway System, and create jobs, like policemen, military members, librarians, public health doctors, etc. The private sector is NOT the largest wealth (goods and services) producer – government is. The private sector would have bever produced the Hoover Dam, the Tennessee Valley Authority electricity producing waterfalls – but government DID.

      Posted by Wolfgang Nordmeyer | November 3, 2011, 2:06 pm
      • Your comments are historically asinine. Ask every communist / socialist / European nation in which government dominates the economy – and how they all grind to a halt and flounder in a morass of poverty.

        It takes about three or four private sector jobs producing to support one government worker and their processes. NOT, the other way around.

        The government is a wealth leech, taking and seizing wealth from where, NOT the government, but one way or another from the private sector; either by taxes or printing debt the government won’t have to pay – but the private sector will have to generate to pay the taxes to pay the debt.

        Why don’t YOU live the current government’s economic model? Take YOUR net pay each month, borrow 2/3 MORE (40c/dollar) and spend that amount? Go ahead. See where that gets you?

        No, Government does not produce wealth. It takes, with small variation, from the private sector to build huge projects, hires private contractors primarily to build these great projects in hopes of bettering the private sector through flood control / electricity generation and so forth.

        Policemen, teachers, state apparatchiks and so forth are not wealth generators.
        politicians are not, the military is not. Political hacks are not.

        In one form or another, your type of argument gets blown out every time someone has the temerity to raise it.

        VERY HARD to get rich in the public sector, chief.

        Posted by M.R. Heeman | November 3, 2011, 6:05 pm


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