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Keep Concealed Weapons From Other States Out of Nevada

That’s what could happen if supporters of a bill in the House Bill 822 have their way.

Ambiguously called the “National Reciprocity Act,” HB 822 would require all states to honor any concealed weapon permit issued by any other state.

Put another way: the barrier for obtaining a concealed weapon permit and using it anywhere in the country would drop to whatever is the lowest standard available.

Put even another way: Nevada would be told what to do by not only the Federal government but any other state too.

The reason Nevada ended concealed weapon permit reciprocity agreements with Utah and Florida was precisely because when those states changed their laws we deemed them to be too lax.

If the gun lobby has their way we’ll lose all ability to decide what standards should be to carry a concealed weapon in Nevada.

Some states allow people convicted of assault, domestic abusers, drug addicts, stalkers, people with violent arrest records, and people with zero training who have never even touched a gun before to carry concealed weapons.

We don’t need this in Nevada.

Learn more about HB 822 and sign the petition asking Washington to reject this attempt to take away our right to keep our communities safe.

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About Brian Fadie:
Brian Fadie is the Executive Director at ProgressNow Nevada. Connect with him on Twitter @bfades.


One Response to “Keep Concealed Weapons From Other States Out of Nevada”

  1. Paranoid a little? Some states allow people to obtain driver’s licences and drive with previous DUIs, numerous speeding tickets, suspensions, even vehicular manslaughter. Maybe Nevada shouldn’t honor other state’s driver’s licenses either? After all, there isn’t a nationally standardized written test, is there?
    Respect our right to bear arms just as you do our other rights. All this bill states is that all states treat licences to carry firearms the same way driver’s licenses are treated. If you are unfamiliar with what one must go through to possess a licence to carry and to purchase a firearm in the United States, please be responsible and research it before you write a public article.

    Posted by Dave | October 7, 2011, 9:48 pm

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