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Sue Lowden Returns: Revenge of the Chicken Lady

The lame duck Republican Governor of the State of Nevada, Jim Gibbons, got his revenge by naming Sue Lowden to State Board of Medical Examiners. Lowden, a former State Assemblywoman, ran for Harry Reid’s senate seat, but lost in the primaries to former Assemblywoman Sharron Angle.

During her campaign she ran on a peculiar idea, telling people they could barter with their doctors, coining the phrase ‘chickens for healthcare.’ She thought we were better off in olden times when one would trade a chicken for a cold or for painting a house. For Lowden, government-run Health Insurance was an unnecessary Socialistic program that no one needed or wanted. It is believed that this chicken debacle is what doomed her.

Gibbon’s didn’t win re-election this time. Polls showed he could not win, but the stubborn man embarrassed himself anyway. He was going through a divorce at the time and his wife, Dawn, a former Assemblywoman claimed he was having an extramarital affair. Also, charges were filed against him by a woman claiming he had sexually assaulted her in a parking garage. The claim was later dismissed.

Sue Lowden will replace Van Hefner, who resigned, effective immediately. Looks like old Jim Gibbons may have got the last laugh, though I’m still laughing about the chickens. What will she say next? The fun never stops in Nevada politics.


3 Responses to “Sue Lowden Returns: Revenge of the Chicken Lady”

  1. Once again, Gibbons is having a laugh at Nevadans’ expense, once again proving that he never cared about the greater good or
    “serving” Nevada. He’s a jerk and Lowden, though an experienced board member for other organizations, has zero business being on the medical examiners team.

    Posted by Marla Turner | December 24, 2010, 10:07 am
  2. From the look of her crow’s feet, it looks like she’s not having much luck finding a plastic surgeon who will work for chickens.

    Posted by Mitch Handsone | December 21, 2010, 8:27 pm


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