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Joe Heck Refuses to Meet Constituents… So They Do “Town Hall” Without Him

After waiting the entire summer for Joe Heck to meet with constituents and answer the questions we have about what he’s doing in Congress, a group of Nevadans decided enough was enough. They mapped out his Dick Cheney like undisclosed hiding locationCongressional Office“, and then they paid his office a visit. If anyone still had questions about Heck’s willingness to face the voters in his own district, this should answer all of them.

These r the ppl @RepJoeHeck keeps hiding from, is too afraid ... on Twitpic

This is where one can find Joe Heck’s office.

Good luck finding @RepJoeHeck office. #WhereTheHeckIsJoe #NV0... on Twitpic

Oh wait, where is it?! There’s no sign at the office complex. And it’s smack dab in the midst of so many empty lots and near the most foreclosure ridden neighborhoods of Las Vegas.

This is actually where @RepJoeHeck's office is. #WhereTh... on Twitpic

And because Joe Heck continues to hide from the public at “Pay-Per-View Congress” private events he claims to be “town halls”, these Nevadans had no other choice. They drove all the way here, most from where most of the population of NV-03 actually reside, to send Heck a message.

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Linda Overbey is an unemployed union painter. Joe Heck wouldn’t listen to her when she attended what was supposed to be a discussion on jobs, so she was at his office last night to say what needed to be said.

Steve Rypka lives in the district, and was even one of the “approved residents” for last Saturday’s “Pay-Per-View Congress” event… Except that he was ready to call phony baloney on Heck’s fake “jobs plan” that subsidizes the fossil fuel industry while shortchanging Nevadans looking forward to green collar jobs and a brighter clean energy future. And of course, Joe Heck and his staff can’t handle a constituent calling them out on their BS!

Dick Collins was also on hand to talk last night. He’s been waiting for Heck to tell the truth about Social Security and Medicare, but instead all he’s been seeing (along with the rest of us) has been attacking Nevada seniors and disabled by calling Social Security a “pyramid scheme” and voting for Paul Ryan’s plan to kill Medicare. Collins was ready to set the record straight on Heck’s doublespeak.

And there were even more stories from the constituents who braved the mighty wind and furious heat to stand outside Joe Heck’s office after trying to get a hold of him. As the rally was winding down, people were calling his Las Vegas office… And couldn’t even leave a voicemail! Not even that was available for the increasing number of angry constituents who have been increasingly frustrated by Heck hiding from the public.

Well, at least we know who Heck won’t automatically hide from… But not even his own teabagger base is happy with him any more! But no matter how much he wants to deny it, “Tea Party, Inc.” installed Joe Heck into office. And Joe Heck ultimately does what “Tea Party, Inc.” tells him to do, even with the rank and file teabagger “grassroots” don’t necessarily like it.

That’s really the story of NV-03… And it’s the same story one can find throughout the country as Republicans who rode “The TEA Party Wave” into office are now ducking underwater in hopes of us forgetting what they’ve done to wreck our economy and endanger America’s middle class. And the only way we can get a happy ending to this story is if we finally put an end to this “TEA Party” madness and reject the craven Republicans who are pandering to them while ignoring the real suffering of all the rest of us.


7 Responses to “Joe Heck Refuses to Meet Constituents… So They Do “Town Hall” Without Him”

  1. When you are a public official, you should be willing to meet with your public. AND you shouldn’t have to pay club dues or any money to do it. Joe Heck is a jerk, and I’m not sure why anyone WOULD want to meet with him. When you become a politician, you should be willing to meet FOR FREE with the people who vote for you.

    Good enough reason for me to encourage people NOT to vote for Joe Heck . . . like I needed another one.

    He did meet with the teachers once and told us all to stop whining like we were kids and being bratty. Considering the abuse teachers suffer, it was a slap in the face. He was blunt and a creep. The crowd boo’ed him off the stage.

    So . . . I hope Teresa’s group gets to talk to him. . . but he is a rude inconsiderate dog . . . and since Teresa and my friends are nice people I hope he behaves at least as well as I would expect my Kindergarten students to behave.


    But he won’t. Where do these pigs come from?

    Posted by Angie Sullivan | September 1, 2011, 5:42 pm
    • You talk about teachers having a tough job. No need to remind me about tough jobs. I worked as an over-the-road truck driver, and it can’t be any worse than being a teacher. At least you’re home every night and you have June, July and August off.
      As far as Joe Heck goes, you’re absolutely right on. Once he knows you disagree with him, he sticks his head in the sand like the proverbial ostrich. He also has a website and, as part of his PR, showed a Chinese businessman he was trying to suck up to. After I made a comment which said “You should ask him about China’s child labor laws,” I was no longer able to post comments on his website. Joe Heck is what happens when someone goes to Penn State (during the Sandusky era), become Army officers, then doctors, then congressmen. He is so accustomed to people kissing his butt that he finds it offensive when anyone challenges him. Hey, Joe, if you want to run and hide, you should seriously get another job. You suck!

      Posted by Don Dierdorff | March 22, 2013, 3:04 am
  2. I also have to disagree with Shari on the matter of accessability to Congressman Heck, but not as it pertains to location.

    After his election, I proceeded to try and arrange a visit with the congressman by going to his office. He was not there. His staff was unable to secure a time within several weeks that he would be in the office
    He has not completed many town hall meetings (he only just started to hold them within the last 6 months, I remember it because it was the disasterous town hall after which he started regulating video equipment and attendee’s). Joe also did several town halls with less than 24 hour public notice.
    All of this points to the main point of this article. Joe Heck dodges the people he represents simply because he does NOT represent them. He was caught lying about his cozy mindset towards insurance companies during a debate with Dina Titus. Is it any wonder that, now in office, he wants to sell our senior citizens health insurance down the river and require them to turn to the private insurance market, which is disasterous for them and lucritive for the insurance companies.
    Make excuses all you want for Congressman Heck, Shari, but if he had his constiuents best interests in mind during his voting decision making, he wouldn’t hide, intimidate, and worm around. He would have answers that he would be available to share without reservation.

    Posted by Tera | September 1, 2011, 12:12 pm
  3. That location may be the geographic center, but it is not the population center of the Third District, which is probably somewhere around Sunset and Green Valley Parkway. This office is very inaccessible to most of the District residents. The real issue which “Shari” didn’t address is this: District staff accompany the congressman on the taxpayers’ dime to events which exclude constituents.
    Given the poor ecomony in Southern Nevada, an open Town Hall open to everyone in public space and in the population center of the Third District is the Congressman’s responsibility. An intelligent and articulate man, he should have no problem explaining his jobs plan and taking questions. So why not just do it?

    Posted by Teresa Crawford | September 1, 2011, 11:28 am
  4. WOW! There’s so much information here, it’s truly amazing! While I would love nothing more than to agree with you, in order to be heard and not be viewed as a loonybird, you simply have to go with facts. Facts: Joe Heck has done numerous town halls, constituent meetings (he met with me), tele town halls, business visits etc thru the summer. Not sure where you have been, but he has been all over. That being said, it was the ANthem group who hosted the town hall and the guest speaker was Heck, the charge was for the Anthem group’s CLUB DUES, and it was Anthem group who called the cops, I heard them talking about it! His office is dead center of his district (I found that out becasue I also thought it was way out there), so u can’t fault him for trying to centralize his location. Again, if you want people to listen to you, you have to deliver facts, not stupidity.

    Posted by Shari | September 1, 2011, 10:05 am


  1. [...] but Joe Heck just doesn’t want to quit these bad policies. So why should he be surprised when his angry constituents show up outside his office to protest? [...]

  2. [...] but Joe Heck just doesn’t want to quit these bad policies. So why should he be surprised when his angry constituents show up outside his office to protest? [...]

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