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Sharron Angle Joins Patriot Caucus PAC

I am proud to announce that I am joining up with the Patriot Caucus PAC. With the 2012 elections in the not so distant future, I’ll need some kind of constant media attention and also to raise money to help me run for some other office. Sharron Angle is far from defeated.

Those Mexicans didn’t think they could get rid of me that easily, did they? The Irony is that I will probably get donations from many of them because the PAC is called the Patriot Caucus. Everyone wants to be a patriot, even Hispanics/Asians (all the same).

I nearly defeated Dean Heller in a primary for Congressional District 2 a few years ago. There’s a good chance he might try to swipe John Ensign’s senate seat. There is a perfect opportunity for me. If my loss was hard on you, please don’t give up hope. I’m like an old shoe you can’t get rid of.

Hopefully with this new organization, I can vie for my rightful spot as queen of the tea party. Sarah Palin thinks she’s tough because she’s from Alaska. Try living in the Nevada desert with gambling, the mob and brothels, not to mention hoards of angry Latinos who want my hide. TLC, I am available.

Help me pull together money so we can help support more candidates like me around this great nation. I know many people say that I was unelectable with all my radical positions. My theory is that if we support more candidates like me all over the country, then my ideas won’t be so fringe anymore. Please help support us at the Patriot Caucus PAC. Make checks payable to Sharron Angle.



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