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Mark Amodei (& Joe Heck) to Nevada: Get Nuked!

This is in his district, and this would hurt his constituents if built… But Mark Amodei doesn’t care.

For three decades, firm opposition to any sort of nuclear development for Yucca Mountain has been a rite of passage for any candidate seeking national political office representing Nevada.

But the past few congressional races, Republicans have been bending that rule.

Mark Amodei, candidate for Nevada’s 2nd Congressional District seat, told the editorial board of the Las Vegas Sun on Monday that he would be happy to keep funding the development of the Yucca Mountain project through the Energy Department, with the hope of turning it into a bastion of nuclear research and reprocessing.

“I don’t celebrate every time somebody says it’s funded at zero,” Amodei said. “I support Joe Heck’s efforts. I think there are opportunities to do things out there.”

What he’s talking about is Joe Heck’s amendment that would have allowed for nuclear reprocessing at Yucca Mountain. They think this is a “win-win” for them in that they can tell us they “don’t support Yucca” while giving Republican Congressional leadership “local cover” to continue pushing to open Yucca. They know GOP leadership won’t accept anything less than turning Yucca into a nuclear waste dump. And since there isn’t enough water in southern Nye County to allow for reprocessing, Heck’s proposal simply isn’t feasible to begin with.

So really, what Heck and Amodei are doing is nothing more than kabuki theater being put on to allow House Republicans to go forward in dumping tons of nuclear waste across the country here in Nevada and driving it right through Las Vegas. As The Sun noted earlier this month, this is all about the nuclear power industry’s demand for more nuclear power plants to be built in America.

Developing Yucca Mountain in any way that involves nuclear power is extremely dangerous… And potentially illegal as well!

With the sole exception of Joe Heck, Nevada’s other 3 members of Congress oppose any sort of nuclear development at Yucca. They know just how dangerous this would be for Nevada, as well as for other parts of the country that would be part of the route to Yucca.

So why do Mark Amodei and Joe Heck insist on keeping Yucca Mountain on track to open? Do they really care that little about their own state that they seek to “represent” in Congress?


2 Responses to “Mark Amodei (& Joe Heck) to Nevada: Get Nuked!”

  1. What a biased piece!!! Who says its unsafe??? The only entity charged with determining the safety of YMP is the NRC and their conclusion is that it is safe!!

    Reid and Jaczko Need To Go!!!! What the administration is doing to the Yucca Mountain Project is completely corrupt!!!

    Dirty Harry “The War is Lost” Reid planted his former Science Advisor, Gregory Jaczko (and he also worked for anti-nuke Ed Markey) on the Nuclear Regulatory Commission. His placement was forced after Reid held up ~100 Bush appointees until forced to cave. Reid then pushed for him to be the Chairman of the NRC under Obama SPECIFICALLY so he could derail the NRC Review of the YMP License Application from the inside.

    In addition, he got Steven Chu to flip-flop his position on the YMP (after signing with the other National Lab Leads that the YMR was the path to pursue) in order to gain appointment to the Secretary of Energy job — So much for “Sound Science”… Chu may be the one person that Congress could prove violated the law…

    Further, the sitting NRC Commissioners all had to agree that they would not challenge if DOE were to pull its License Application during their confirmation hearings in order to be confirmed.

    All of these players and obstructionists are in violation of the LAW!!! Reid, Waxman, Jaczko, Chu, Berkley, Heller ALL need to be thrown out of their jobs… I’d even go further and have them arrested for violating Federal Law.

    The ongoing BRC effort is just one big stall tactic!!! Otherwise, the BRC members would have been permitted to include the Yucca Mountain Repository in their evaluation. I also do not buy into the allegation that the people of Nevada do not want the repository. I know Nye County wants it!!! My home is in Las Vegas, and except for the vocal minority that appeared at NRC-DOE public meetings on the YMR, the people I talked to while out and about were generally indifferent to the YMR and usually only knew the misinformation that the Reid media machine pumped out to the masses.

    People need to read the findings presented in the recent Space, Science, and Technology subcommittee report. It reveals the NRC’s safety determination in SER Volume 3, finding that the Yucca Mountain Project License Application meets the regulatory requirements for going forward with a Construction Permit. The committee’s findings also reveal not just a pattern, but a systematic and active effort on the part of the Administration to obfuscate, delay, and muzzle scientific and technical information and related processes in order to shut down Yucca Mountain.

    I should add that as a former NRC Licensing Project Manager, I believe Jaczko’s actions are completely destroying the NRC’s credibility and their reputation as a non-partisan regulator…

    Posted by Jim Raleigh | August 31, 2011, 2:11 pm


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