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Mark Amodei’s Positions on Issues are Startling

With Senator John Ensign’s resignation and Dean Heller’s appointment to the U.S. Senate, Nevada’s Congressional District Two now sits empty. A race for Democratic and Republican nomination has begun. Republicans are looking favorably toward Mark Amodei. See a video of Mark Amodei below.

Mark Amodei is not without controversial positions. In a recent campaign video (featured below) he makes a few alarming and surprisingly ignorant statements. He unequivocally stated that he would not vote to increase the debt limit until we pass a balanced budget amendment. ARE YOU KIDDING ME?

The United States is not going to pass an amendment to our Constitution requiring every budget be balanced. Deficit spending was absolutely crucial during World War II. We racked up quite a deficit (twice as bad as current) during that time. We paid it down after the war. I should also mention that it was that deficit spending that got this country out of the Great Depression and moving again. To suggest we pass this amendment would truly be putting us at the ‘mercy of our enemies.’

So Mark Amodei has pledged that he won’t vote to raise the debt limit unless this amendment is passed. If this wasn’t already such a piss poor idea, passing an amendment can take a really long time. In the meantime, he would be allowing the U.S. to default on our loan obligations. Is that how you run your household finances?  This would be catastrophic to our economy, destroy our nation’s credit rating and push us into a depression the likes this nation has never known. This isn’t Republican policy (Ask Ronald Reagan)…it’s radical.

“For if we hit the debt ceiling, the government will be forced to stop paying roughly a third of its bills, because that’s the share of spending currently financed by borrowing. So will it stop sending out Social Security checks? Will it stop paying doctors and hospitals that treat Medicare patients? Will it stop paying the contractors supplying fuel and munitions to our military? Or will it stop paying interest on the debt?”

Even the virulently anti-Obama U.S. Chamber of Commerce has urged Congress to raise the ceiling “as expeditiously as possible.”

-Nobel Prize Economist Paul Krugman

Mark Amodei also suggests that our growing debt is putting us at risk to “our enemies.”  Apparently Russia, China and the Caribbean are our enemies says Amodei. Now maybe some people still live in the Cold War…but my recollection is that was over two decades ago. And the Caribbean? Mark…muzzle it! That’s ridiculous. None of this is true. All of our creditors absolutely will not demand all of their money back. To do so would send the entire global economy into a tailspin.  That’s not in China’s or anyone else’s interest.

This guy is scary. He has it all backwards. Finally, Mark Amodei should realize that if he is worried about debt, he should check with his own party. Republican policy is responsible for 80% of the debt.

As Desert Beacon eloquently shows us, the U.S. is a low tax nation and has no reason for being in such debt other than for stupid ignorant fiscal policies that think low taxes is great for the economy.  Ask Bush, where’s the jobs?!

About Justin McAffee:
Justin is the publisher The Nevada View, which has earned the recognition in the Washington Post’s “Best State-Based Political Blogs,” as well as being awarded the “Most Valuable Blogger Award” by the local CBS affiliate in 2011. Follow him on Twitter @McAffee



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